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TV's Biggest Turkeys: A Celebration of the Worst TV

As much as we appreciate a special bird for its sacrifice for our holiday meals, the term "turkeys" has always been associated with things that fail, no matter how hard they try.

We love to eat them, but we don't have any qualms tying them the worst of any discussion, which, in this case, is all about television.

So while you're giving props to the bird on your table, let's talk turkey in another way with the awful programming we're calling TV's Biggest Turkeys.

co and ka

Coffee & Kareem - Netflix

This Netflix movie heralded a cast including the likes of Ed Helm and Taraji P. Henson. It should've been funny, or at least made the viewer smile.

However, it was unnecessarily explicit and profane with an obnoxious, foul-mouthed 12-year-old, a dopey police officer, and a tired retreaded buddy cop attempt that skirted along the lines of racist AF. It wasn't just bad, it was obnoxiously bad, but worst yet, unfunny.

Fall from Grace

Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace - Netflix

Both Netflix and Tyler Perry are none for success, and Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace was no exception. Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons.

The film wasn't just bad, it was hilariously bad which made it a must-see in its own way. Social media platforms like Twitter had a field day roasting the poor acting, laughingly terrible hairpieces, and two-bit soap opera plot.

sbtb revival 3

Saved by the Bell - Peacock

We know it's new, but what the heck were they thinking with this series? 

They managed to bring back some of the original stars, and brought made the series a self-aware satire set at Bayside High. 

It pales in comparison to the original, and features the most one-dimensional and self-absorbed characters on TV. 

soulmates amc

Soulmates - AMC

Oh, 2020 and it's neverending heaps of Suck. Love and the concept of soulmates weren't spared from 2020's chaotic evil go at being the ultimate villain.

Soulmates sounded so good, the concept had so much potential as folks in the distant future, committed, single, or in entanglements, took a test to determine their soulmate in life.

But happiness eluded pretty much anyone who jumped on this bandwagon, ruining marriages, families, and so much more. It never went anywhere remotely interesting despite decent actors.

We didn't spend enough time with any of the characters. Yeah, no, some of us will happily stay single, thanks.

Pandora - The CW

The CW's attempt at a sci-fi adventure-drama sexy-soap somehow scored a second season and although there's something to be said for owning their own ridiculousness, it has become increasingly hard to give them the benefit of the doubt in terms of baseline intelligence.

Excusing the effect gaffs and costuming meh-ness as budgetary restraint issues, the season's long arc has been repeatedly sidetracked by needless flashbacks to personal trauma, gratuitous vanity scenes, and, most recently, an unexplainable spontaneous pregnancy.

This is a turkey of a schedule filler of the highest degree and deserves to get stuffed for all the times it presented potentially interesting elements only to squander it in sensational and meaningless plot holes.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels - Showtime

was a television turkey so disappointing that even being stuffed with the talents of Nathan Lane and Natalie Dormer couldn’t save it. It was such a travesty of wasted potential that the gravy of its sumptuous 1930s Los Angeles set and costuming couldn’t make it palatable.

It was over-salted with illogical, unexplainable, over-reaching plot devices; riddled with the bitterness of pretentiousness; and spoiled with haphazard editing and disingenuous emotion. It literally molested young girls, martyred the mentally unstable, and terrorized the innocent.

This may be the season to pardon turkeys but, hand to heaven, this mess was so completely beyond redemption, we have no tears left to shed and it should all be buried deep and forgotten forever.

Dynasty - The CW

Who knew a reboot of one of the biggest primetime soaps ever would result in something so empty? In three seasons we've had three different actresses playing a Cristal, and three different actresses playing Alexis. 

That alone is a huge cause for concern, but the biggest complaint was that the series never really took the characters out of the mansion. 

Dynasty Season 3, however, brought in new locations, including a hotel, but failed to give the characters meaningful plots. Elizabeth Gillies is wasted on such a wretched series. 

Party of Five - Freeform

Like Dynasty, Party of Five removed all of the aspects that made the original series a success. The plots did have heart, but the series would have been better served without the title of the previous series. 

Ultimately, fans of the original bailed on the reboot and it was canceled after a single season. 

Steve Carrell on Space Force

Space Force - Netflix

A series filled with comedy greats such as Steve Carrell and Lisa Kudrow should have been a bigger success than this was. 

The plot lacked laughs and the cast looked bored throughout the entire first season. 

It's obvious the series only got picked up for a second season to see if it would hit when The Office left Netflix for good.  

Tommy 1

Tommy - CBS

Edie Falco's big TV comeback was a surprisingly dull affair. 

Despite sticking with the whole series, we're struggling to remember what actually happened. It was absurdly handled, and quickly canceled. 

Probably for the best. 

insatiable cropped

Insatiable - Netflix 

On paper, Insatiable sounded like a hit, but the execution was terrible. 

Immediately after the trailer debuted, the show was accused of body-shaming, and what did Netflix do in response?

Renewed it for an even worse second season. Thankfully, the show has now been canceled, but still, it was bad. 

9-1-1: Lone Star - FOX

As a spinoff of the wildy addictive 9-1-1, Lone Star was pretty terrible. 

Many of the characters had promise, but they were dumbed down by poor storytelling. The actors looked bored during the episodes, and it's a real shame. 

Hopefully, the series gets a jolt of life in its second season. 

Giving Thanks for TV Blessings in 2020

It's time to discover the silver lining to 2020.

Today, we celeberate our blessings at home, so we're doing the same about our passion -- telelevision!

Join us in giving thanks for the things that have kept smile on our faces during this difficult year.

Streamers Plus

Surprisingly, we're thankful for the number of streaming services.

Just last year, it seemed like we'd be inundated with too many choices and extra costs, but when broadcast shut down and movie theaters closed, we were grateful to have vast libraries of entertainment available for less than a visit to the movies.

Who knew??

We're thankful that Modern Family has finally ended.

The series had a great run but it makes little sense to keep these families going when the kids are all grown-up and have artificially been close to home for so long.

Besides, the immensely talented cast can now commit themselves to new opportunities.

We're thankful for Brockmire's happy ending as the IFC series concluded this year after four seasons.

Few TV characters have seemed as hopeless as alcoholic TV announcer Jim Brockmire.

His never-ending cycle of shame and self-sabotage has been entertaining, but the fact that he convincingly turned his life around step-by-step has been surprising, inspiring, and a little tear welling.

We're thankful that Dean and Sam found peace on the series finale of Supernatural, even if they found it at different times.

It would have been easy for the series to go out on a much darker note, but the Winchester brothers spending eternity with their family was a more optimistic end than we had ever hoped.

With Castiel rescued from the empty and free to roam heaven with Dean, and Jack righting all the wrongs of the afterlife, there was a lot to be thankful for. After fifteen years on the air, we're simply happy these characters can finally lay their weary heads to rest.

We’re thankful that NBC gave Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist a chance to shine. It was the surprise musical dramedy we didn’t know we needed to help survive 2020.

It’s a rom-com, a family drama, and a quirky musical all wrapped up in one gloriously optimistic package.

We laughed, cried, loved, grieved, and sang and danced our way through season one and we are even more grateful that the show will return in January 2021!

We’re thankful for a beautiful end to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s a rare occurrence nowadays for a show to serve up a happy ending for all of its main characters, especially on superhero series.

And to take its faithful audience on one final journey that stayed true to the core message of the show is more than we could ever ask for.

Plus, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 7 kept us entertained during a quarantined summer when TV options were bleak. Now, how about a Quake spin-off?

We're thankful that Young Sheldon takes place long before COVID so that we can get a break from reality while spending time with the Cooper family.

Sheldon's odd behavior combined with the usual childhood concerns are genuinely funny and reminds us that the world used to be different and maybe will be again someday.

We're thankful for Kevin Atwater's very existence on Chicago PD.

As one of the best characters of the Chicago franchise, he has revitalized the series with a strong, compelling storyline that is one of the show's best to date.

He's proven to be the show's moral compass, and during a time when police procedurals have had to adapt to a more conscious climate, Chicago PD has risen to the occasion in large part because of Kevin Atwater and LaRoyce Hawkins' impressive performance.

Lifemark Christmas

We're thankful for Lifetime and Hallmark kickstarting their Christmas movies early.

When the world is bleak during these unprecedented times, it's nice to escape into small towns filled with love, community, and holiday cheer.

We're also grateful for the measures both networks are taking to create more inclusive content for many demographics to enjoy.

Phantom Sitters

We're thankful for coming of age/tween series such as The Babysitter's Club and Julie and the Phantoms that have raised the bar, not just for younger-skewed shows, but all series.

Also, the Julie and the Phantom soundtrack.

We're really grateful for that.

We're grateful for quirky, unique, genre-bending shows like Prodigal Son that can't be boxed in and gives you a little bit of everything.

From the dark humor, to the thrills, a great cast, and an intriguing lead, every episode is a blast.

Also, we're eternally grateful for Michael Sheen playing the most lovable cardigan-wearing serial-killer dad on the air.

Queens Materials

We're thankful for amazing literary adaptations like His Dark Materials. and The Queen's Gambit.

They have breathed life into the words from the page, spinning narratives and fleshing out characters in beautiful, poignant, and enchanting ways.

Cobra Shera

We're thankful for the power of nostalgia and the geniuses behind Cobra Kai and the rebooted She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

They've successfully reframed well-known characters into contemporary retellings that have empowered, enriched, and enthralled fans, both old and new.

Rediscovering Ships

We're thankful for 'ships! All the 'ships!

With such little original content over the past few months, it's given us time to re-watch some of our favorite shows from years past and check out some recent ones as well.

And we remembered how fun it is to fall in love with a ship and watch it ebb and flow throughout a series. From the often maligned Scandal ships (Olitz for the win) to ships that never were (we're looking at you, Bellarke).

To ships that may be starting to set sail (we see you, Malex) and the all-time ships that never go out of style (Pacey and Joey forever), it's been wonderful discovering and re-discovering some of the greatest television pairings out there.

We’re thankful for the Pearsons! Even though

This Is Us is addressing COVID and police brutality in a time when we would love escapism, we’re so glad to have the Pearsons back.

We’re thankful for Kevin and this bizarre engagement. We’re thankful for Randall finding a Black therapist in a stressful time for Black people.

We’re thankful for Kate and Toby finding a child to adopt. We’ll always be thankful for more Pearsons.

Run Hillbilly

We're thankful for a couple non-holiday, non-sappy, non-stupid streaming movies like Run on Hulu starring Sarah Paulson (our favorite performance to date) and Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix co-starring Glenn Close (who was ROBBED of her The Wife Oscar and is brilliant in this with her realistic, fake, sagging low hangers and her crass mouth).

And a shout out to David Atkinson for his all-too-brief appearance as Ray in that one, and Amy Adams also does real nice work.

Man, we needed to see these ladies at their best again, and these performances are something to be grateful for, for sure.

We're thankful for zombies!

AMC continues to take us to a post-apocalyptic world with its The Walking Dead franchise, and this seems to be the year Fear the Walking Dead managed to deliver a better season than its parent series.

After years of weak storytelling, FTWD is blossoming into one of the better shows on TV.

Coming Jan 2021

We're thankful for 2021, lingering on the horizon like a beacon of hope on the TV landscape.

After the return of broadcast programming for only a scant few weeks, we'll be in full swing in the new year on both broadcast and cable.

The Resident, the 9-1-1 franchise, Discovery of Witches, American Gods, The Rookie, Prodigal Son, Servant, Walker, Cobra Kai, Wandavision, Batwoman, Dickinson, All American, Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and Charmed all premiere in January, and we are so ready.

What about you?? Share what you're thankful for in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Flight Attendant Premiere Review: A Descent into Madness

When people are trying to cover up a murder on TV and in movies, they usually do it well. 

If it wasn't inherently clear that Cassie was not cut out for this on The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 1, then I shudder to think what you thought after The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 2 and The Flight Attendant Season 1 Episode 3

Characters like Cassie are usually well-liked or well-hated, but there's something about the vulnerability Kaley Cuoco brings to the role that makes me feel sorry for her.

From covering up the crime scene to visiting Michiel's workplace, and, finally, attending his funeral, she was a hot mess, but I'm here for every single minute of it. 

All of the above made Cassie look like the top suspect in the murder, but it seems there is way more to this than I first thought. 

There was something about Megan from the get-go, especially the way she spoke soothingly to Cassie as though she was her best friend. 

Her playing drunk in Rome was also obvious, leading me to believe she was up to no good, and reiterating that she was going back to her hotel room to get an alibi for something else that happened. 

Cassie: Davey, hi, I really can't talk. I'm going to miss my flight.
Davey: Oh, yeah, I just wanted to check in about the New York trip real quick, cause, you know, Rick's getting nervous.
Cassie: Nervous? What are you talking about, and it's like weeks away. Isn't it?
Davey: Yeah, yes, it's four days away.
Cassie: Oh, shit, really?
Davey: Yeah, and the girls are excited to see their aunt Cassie, but they're beginning to realize she's a terrible planner.
Cassie: OK, put those knives away right now. That is not fair.

Megan is desperately trying to avoid being hauled in by the feds, and conveniently telling them things that would make them turn to Cassie is a good move. 

It's possible she's scared at the prospect of her little drug ring being exposed, but she's obviously up to more than that if she's stealing files from her husband's computer for sketchy individuals. 

Megan knows more than she's letting on, and given that the Solokov family are a bunch of crooks with a lot of money, there could have been value in killing him, and pinning it on her co-worker. 

It's an outlandish theory, but it's the best I can come up with at the moment. 

The Miranda Croft of it all is considerably tougher to crack. Do I think she was in a romantic relationship with Michiel? Yes, but he was keeping it from his loved ones. 

Cassie: Oh, fuck. Who are you?
Ethan: I'm Ethan from last night.
Cassie: How did you get in here?
Ethan: We met at the bar.
Cassie: Yes, but you're in my apartment.
Ethan: You texted me right here, you told me to use the key above the door thing, the door frame. We were supposed to meet here at 2.
Cassie: Ethan, oh my god. OK, I'm starting to remember, I was very, very drunk. That's on me. OK, I'm sorry, I remember you now.

The way Miranda is pursuing Cassie would make you believe she was a merciless killer, but what if she's targeting Cassie because she thinks Cassie legitimately carried out the brutal slaying?

There's a lot we don't know about that night, but we do know that Miranda, Michiel, and Cassie got close over drinks, but we still can't place Miranda at the hotel room. 

Miranda looks like a villain based on her actions, but then again, Cassie looks like a murderer because of her actions. Looks can be deceiving. 

I gotta shower, no, no, no - not in a fun way. You gotta go cause I got to leave. Thank you for the effort. Good job.


As much as Megan wants her co-workers to think she's an older woman who gets her kicks by ordering things on eBay, she's out there making dodgy deals and whatnot. 

The funeral was particularly telling. This is a family that didn't even think anything was off about a woman who knew Michiel for all of 12 hours before his death attending his funeral. 

It suggests Michiel could have been a casualty of one of the dodgy deals of the family, and that would be terribly unfortunate. It all harkens back to my theory about Megan being the killer. 

From the perspective of the FBI, Cassie is guilty as sin. She can deny being a part of things all she wants, but we've already witnessed how quickly she breaks down when she's under pressure. 

Annie wants to save her friend from the law, but how can she do that when Cassie continually breaks the rules? Surely, Cassie would have been well-coached in what she could and couldn't say to Kim and Van. 

The intriguing part of this is that Annie has connections, and she will use them to find out which way the FBI is swaying, in terms of whether they are looking at Cassie, or someone else. 

With Miranda on the loose, and where the scene of Annie and her boyfriend was placed during the third episode, I figured one or both of them were going to be attacked by the knife-wielding maniac. 

Instead, we got Cassie bumping into her on a packed train. 

Buckley may be easy on the eyes, but he's up to something. We know Cassie drinks herself into oblivion, but him calling her before she attended the funeral came out of the left field. 

What if he's an undercover agent, desperately waiting for Cassie to snap. Let's face it, she's got a past, and she may or may not have been involved in the death of her father. 

There has to be some meaning to these flashbacks.

The writing is really solid, and the series is bursting at the seams with witty one-liners, but I'm not entirely sold on Cassie meeting with Michiel in her mind. 

Megan: Good morning.
Cassie: Good morning, Megan.
Megan: We were taking bets to see how late you were going to be.
Cassie: Oh, I want in, is perfectly on time still available? Oh, I win.
Megan: Yay.

On the one hand, it gives us a first-row seat into Cassie's mind, but on the other, it takes away from the realism of the plot. Yes, the actions are heightened, but something like this could happen in real life. 

For now, the series is a success, and it's thanks to the riveting performances from the cast and the script. 

What are your thoughts on all of the bombshells? Do you think Megan is up to something? Who do you think is the killer?

Hit the comments below. 

Catch new episodes of The Flight Attendant Thursdays on HBO Max. 

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Unification III

For an episode lacking both Reno and Georgiou, Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 7 did pretty okay at keeping me engaged by throwing a few clever curveballs in with the almost-overly introspective moments.

From Tilly's job offer to Mommy Burnham's appearance to Burnham's own "ah-ha" moment of correcting her impulse, there is a theme of growth running through the various characters' storylines.

The title "Unification III" ties the narrative to Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Episodes 7 and 8 which were called, respectively, "Unification, Part 1" and "Unification, Part 2" in which Picard and Data travel to Romulus to determine if Spock has defected.

In it, the ambassador's goal to unify Vulcans and Romulans is revealed and, as Burnham sees in the archive, he accepts that unification will take more than diplomacy and politics. It will require the people to grow.

So that brings us to the end game of his vision with both Romulans and Vulcans co-existing on the planet once named Vulcan but renamed Ni'Var, presumably to create a neutral ground for the combined society to develop.

What was noticeably absent in the history lesson was the destruction of the Romulan homeworld in 2387. Of course, it would a matter of record for Burnham or Saru to acquaint themselves with if they were interested.

This omission is only interesting to me because, with the Qowat Milat being introduced, that whisper of suspicion that the Treks are building to an Avengers-like convergence gets a little louder.

The sisters of the Qowat Milat bind themselves to lost causes. And, right now, there's no cause more lost than yours.

Gabrielle Burnham

But taking the Qowat Milat as a simple device to bring Gabrielle Burnham into play, let's just nod and smile that someone's trying to color in the consistency.

I'm not totally convinced that Gabrielle Burnham will ever take to absolute candor naturally despite her Qowat Milat credentials, but she's got uncomfortable truths down pat.

Keen observers will note that Dr. Burnham worked on the Red Angel suit for an agency more like the Tal Shiar than the warrior nuns. And she certainly hasn't lost her filter, unlike Star Trek: Picard's Elnor who seems to never have had one.

And, once again, we have Burnham not only doubting herself but presenting a much wider range of emotion and reaction than we ever saw in Seasons 1 and 2.

Distinguished peers, let me speak truth to you because she is unable to. She did not have the childhood I would've wished for her. I orphaned her. She may have grown up here but she was never Vulcan. She is human, through and through. And being human, she is governed by emotion and a desire to insinuate herself into certain matters of import to fill that emotional void. I maintain that that void has made her vulnerable to manipulation at the hands of the Federation.

Gabrielle Burnham

Her reactions to her mother throwing her under the proverbial bus in front of the quorum, the president, her captain, and the representatives of the Science Academy were expressive of disbelief and outright shock.

Having Burnham's record of mutiny and insubordination listed like that also reminds us that, despite her messianic tendencies and Vulcan upbringing, our intrepid hero is by no means a rule follower.

(It did occur to me that it would've been AMAZING if our Emperor G had made an appearance just when Gabrielle mentioned Captain Georgiou's death.)

While Burnham was coming to terms with being an unfamiliar person in familiar surroundings, Tilly was offered the chance to be herself in new circumstances.

Duty and joy go hand in hand. Duty is there so you can continue to pursue your happiness. And joy is there so that you have something real to fight for.


Tilly was the obvious choice as I mentioned on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 6, with moments of foreshadowing from Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 2 and throughout the season so far.

I appreciated that the character stayed true to form and was insecure enough to need reassurance from... well, EVERYONE.

To be fair, she asked a pretty canny question of Saru point-blank.

Tilly: Sir, are you asking me because I'm qualified or because I'm compliant?
Saru: I'm asking because I believe this is in the best interests of our ship.

And Saru answered candidly and with faith in her. He's really been her biggest fan this season.

Stamets, on the other hand, wasn't nearly as supportive but true to form nonetheless.

Stamets's confidence in his own ability and worth is the stuff of epics.

I mean, the confrontation with Detmer and his connection with Adira have gone a ways towards humanizing him but he's still got a gigantic ego.

Honestly, the notion of taking orders from you is deeply, deeply weird. Almost disturbing.


But, call it a knock-on effect from his relationship with Culber or maybe a side-effect of navigating the mycelial network, he sometimes has some impressive insight.

Bringing the crew together to for the "cool Say Yes thing" was better than any surprise birthday party.

Even if Burnham arrived late.

And that brings us full-circle to Burnham whose growth here was symbolized by the simple fact she could admit she'd made an error and then, effectively, corrects it.

She, quite literally, unrang the bell. Or gong. Whatever.

Unlike the rogue mission to save Book and the Battle of the Binary Stars, the t'kal n'ket (spelling guess), being a scientific debate, is a controllable encounter.

It lends itself to deep thought and analysis and Burnham takes that opportunity to see the long-ranging effects of the path she impulsively took by invoking t'kal n'ket, without consulting or confering with Saru.

So, perhaps for the first time since we met her, Michael Burnham actually acknowledged the error of her decision and stepped back.

T'Rina: You represent the Federation yet you invoke Ambassador Spock who left it behind.
Burnham: Doesn't mean he didn't love it. And it doesn't mean he wouldn't have returned someday.

Of course, it worked out and somehow Spock's legacy and memory became credited to her which made me cringe slightly.

However, as you watch Star Trek: Discovery online, note the repetition of the phrase "bigger than us" as well as the turning of canon on its head.

T'Rina: In its desire to serve the many, the Federation ignored the needs of the few.
Saru: Did your ancestors not coin the phrase,'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few'?
T'Rina: When the people of Vulcan welcomed the Romulans home, we were forced to confront centuries of mistrust and brutality on both sides. Over time and with much effort, we earned the wisdom to know when to let go of maxims and proverbs.

As they are no longer a lost cause, Burnham and Discovery are apparently climbing towards their twinned goals of solving The Burn and rebuilding the Federation.

So who has money down on a Burn theory?

Was it the Red Angel suit?

Was SB-19 a contributing factor?

Will Control or the AI-verse re-emerge as a big bad? Because, if you think about it, with the exception of that annoying Emerald Chain, we haven't really had villain on the scene yet.

Log your thoughts in the comments!

Watch The Amazing Race Online: Season 32 Episode 8

Who got the boot?

With double detours and double the road blocks, The Amazing Race Season 32 Episode 8 was a wild installment. 

As the duos raced through Hyderabad, India, they found themselves facing challenges they didn't think would be a part of the series. 

Yes, new and complex puzzles were thrown into the mix, and it made for great TV. 

But which racers did not stand the test of time?

Use the video above to watch The Amazing Race online right here via TV Fanatic. 

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Watch The Conners Online: Friends in High Places and Horse Surgery

Did Darlene make the right call?

On The Conners Season 3 Episode 4, she tried to get close to her manager at Plastic Wellman's. 

Meanwhile, things took a turn when Becky learned a surprising secret about someone close to her. 

Elsewhere, Louise's brother tried to win over Jackie by making a thoughtful gesture. 

What did it mean for the family?

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Watch S.W.A.T. Online: Season 4 Episode 4

Did the team manage to keep fans of a famous musician safe?

On S.W.A.T. Season 4 Episode 4, the team searched for a rogue member of an extremist group planning to attack the memorial service of a famous musician. 

The man was outspoken about police brutality. 

Meanwhile, tensions mounted when Leroy got out of prison early. 

Who managed to make it happen?

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Watch The Real Housewives of Orange County Online: Renewals and Regrets

Which ladies broke COVID-19 rules?

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 15 Episode 7, Braunwyn Windham-Burke decided it was best to stay away from her co-stars amid the pandemic. 

Meanwhile, Shannon started to realize that she was alone, and made a rash decision to be happy. 

Elsewhere, Kelly partied like COVID-19 was not a thing and felt the ire of fans on social media. 

Use the video above to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online right here via TV Fanatic.

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