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Ted Lasso Review: Jason Sudeikis Scores with Feel-Good Apple TV+ Series

Every once in a while, all of the elements of a show converge to produce something that is truly special.

Ted Lasso is the result of such a convergence.

On paper, Ted Lasso should be an average show. It's not a new concept, the plotlines are predictable, and the humor isn't groundbreaking. But you put the comedy, the cast, and the kindhearted nature of the script together, and this is a workplace comedy that shines.

Ted Lasso, the character, was originally designed as part of an ad campaign that married the NFL and the Premier League together in an effort to establish a relationship between the two to lure Americans to the football watched by the rest of the world.

It worked so well that Jason Sudeikis has said he's recognized more around the world for those short spots than anything else he's done.

If you've seen the spots, Ted Lasso is a buffoon. He's a former US football coach recruited to lead a London football (aka soccer) team. Sudeikis is so good-natured and charming that even at his absolute worst (which is still better than most), Ted Lasso is recognizable and lovable.

While the spots did little more than prove that you don't have to know everything about the sport to enjoy it and discover why the world is so passionate about it, Ted Lasso, the series, creates an affable character with so much heart that he's irresistible.

The series sees Ted hired by the AFC Richmond team. It's a stunt casting by the newly divorced and new owner of the franchise, Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), in an effort to wreck the team her philandering husband (a vile Anthony Head) lost in the divorce. Her goal is for Ted to fail.

But Ted is in the midst of his own mid-life crisis, and his winning attitude and desire to make the most of every situation, no matter how firmly the deck is stacked against him, makes Rebecca's dreams a little more difficult to achieve.

Ted arrives in the UK with his assistant, Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt), in tow. They formed the duo on the sidelines of the commercials and continue their dedicated friendship and working relationship on the series.

Where Ted is jovial and upbeat, Coach Beard is a bit more pedantic. He sobers Ted's exuberant can-do attitude (but greatly enjoys his time at the pub).

They're joined by the team's equivalent of a waterboy, Nate (Nick Mohammed), who has a keen understanding of the sport but lacks the confidence to express it.

He's invaluable to Ted and Coach Beard because, with their coaching abilities and his sense of the sport, their coaching staff has a shot at doing what Rebecca wants to steer far away from -- winning.

Rebecca tries to remain stoic and on point, but Ted finds a way through her battle scars with an incessant barrage of pleasantries and colloquialisms and a secret ingredient that threatens to break down Rebecca -- mysterious and tasty biscuits (cookies) that he delivers to her daily.

Rebecca turns to her right hand, Higgins (Jeremy Swift), to continue the assault on Ted's success even as she begins to soften to her new coach.

Rebecca finds another friend in Keeley (Juno Temple), a social media influencer with major street cred and who happens to be dating the star Richmond player, Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster).

Jamie is everything you'd expect a recruited star athlete on whom a team depends to be -- crass, unkind, and unwilling to bend with the new team dynamic imposed by Ted.

Aging superstar, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), butts heads with Jamie as he realizes the damage Jamie's attitude does to those around him, especially in light of Roy's burgeoning appreciation for Ted and his strange, American way of putting the players before the plays and the team before the win.

Ted Lasso, the show, pulls heavily on goofy comedy and unexpected friendships. There is a lot of heart in the writing, and while you might expect the series to lean on Sudeikis as the star, as you watch, you begin to realize it's a genuine ensemble piece.

Every character is equally important to the series in the same way they're crucial to the success or failure of the Richmond football team.

The relationship between Rebecca and Keely might be one of the best explorations of female friendship we've seen in a while. Rebecca mentors Keeley to do something more meaningful with her life, while Keeley lifts up her new mentor, helping her to find the confidence in herself that her cheating husband has zapped.

If Ted is the heart of the show, then Keeley is its soul, and they both work from different angles to find a cohesive mix that will elevate the Richmond Team from the bottom of the league to, well, something different.

Whether they win or lose, they'll find a deeper meaning to the sport by embracing Ted's vision of being the best people and players they can be to achieve greatness on and off the pitch (field).

Sudeikis clearly loves this character and the feel-good premise. With the help of Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Cougar Town), Joe Kelley (How I Met Your Mother), and a writing team that includes stars Hunt and Goldstein, that premise goes from mundane to magical.

With a confluence of events, including the genuine effort to make something uplifting, the talent on screen and behind the scenes, and desire of audiences everywhere to engage in good-spirited entertainment, Ted Lasso emerges as something quite remarkable.

We have interviews with the talented cast and writers next week and will be reviewing the show weekly, as well. We hope you'll join us as we believe Ted Lasso will warm your heart and win you over.

Ted Lasso premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, August 14, with three episodes. Subsequent episodes will drop weekly.

Big Brother Round Table: Who Should Cody Target First?

Big Brother is back!

Big Brother Season 22 Episode 1 was a wild premiere that featured a live move-in and a shoddy competition, but it set the stage for a thrilling season of drama. 

Below, TV Fanatics Sarah Little, Justin Carreiro, Jasmine Blu, and Berea Orange break down the biggest moments, and what they want to happen.


Big Brother went live for its premiere. What worked? What didn't work?

Sarah: Well, making the women do the harder rooms in the puzzle definitely didn't work since only two women advanced instead of four.

And then Cody went on to win, so I think they could have come up with a better competition for the first HOH of an All-Star season.

What did work for me was having the houseguests meet each other live and seeing all of their reactions. Even though Julie hilariously could not get them to sit down, it kind of came together for me in that moment that this was All-Stars. 

Justin: It's so strange having a live premiere and move-in for Big Brother. A lot of the uncertainty made the night much more exciting and stressful. 

By now, we'd have dissected the cast, done our fantasy drafts, and made out predictions (which we most likely did; the rumors didn't stop us). What worked was the anticipation of finding out who *officially* was on the show. The other houseguests got excited after each person was revealed and so was I. 

What didn't work, however, was the unfair challenges and the tech issues. 

I feel bad for whomever forgot to unlock the Have-Not room; they most likely got in trouble. And, the stars kept spinning during the HOH competition. That made it easy for some players to move the competition with hardly any issues. 

Jasmine: You noticed that too, Sarah? I was definitely annoyed with the women having the harder puzzles, so that goes down as something that didn't work for me. The technical issues made things inconvenient and unfair at times because the wiggly stars also were an issue. 

That said, pretty much everything else worked for me. I loved seeing everyone's reactions to each other in real time.

It was like a bunch of kids reuniting at camp, and you felt the magnitude of it more knowing that most people have been stuck in quarantine and deprived of social interaction beyond their families for months.

Every hug and all that excitement was genuine. It made all of it so much more exciting. I was grinning the entire time.

Berea: I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed how the first challenge was for the women! It seemed the first puzzle was rigged for the guys to do better.

Janelle and Bayleigh’s group had a really hard one. That and the Have-Not room were the only things that didn’t work to me. Everything else was good. The live move-in was pretty exciting.

I’ve been wanting another All-Stars for years so seeing all of these old faces was so much fun. Like Jasmine said, it was fun seeing everyone’s genuine reactions at seeing each other.

Also, I LOVED hearing the women rooting each other in their first competition.

Paul: For the most part, the episode was good. A live move-in was uncharted territory for the show. 

However, the competition being slanted towards the men was horrible. To make it fair, they should have went with a totally different challenge. 

Out of all the returning houseguests, who is your pick to win the season, and why?

Sarah: There are so many good people on this season that it's hard to choose, but I have to go with Dani.

She's always been a dark horse, even though she's a competition beast and has exhibited a great social game. Most people underestimate her, so she has a really good chance of taking it all the way.

Justin: This is tough because there are a few players who have the skills and potential to take it all the way. Including the connections and legacy that will bring them all the way. 

Right now, I'm stuck between Daniele and Da'Vonne. Both are competitors, they've learned from their past mistakes, and their heads are in it to win it this summer. 

Jasmine: I want my boy Kaysar to pull some magic off this season, but I am rooting for a woman, and I'm also intrigued by Da'Vonne and Dani. Dani will probably fly under the radar more and still sneak up on folks.

Berea: My season favorites are Janelle, Dani, Da’Vonne, and Bayleigh. The women are tough competition this year and those four are the ones I REALLY want to see make it to the end.

Janelle will have a much harder time, though, because her reputation proceeds her. She’s going to have a hard time proving the target on her back should be smaller than others.

Paul: This is so tough, but I'm going to have to go with David. He didn't get any time to prove himself last season, so I reckon the other houseguests will let him fly under the radar. 

It will all come down to his social game, and I believe he can pull it off. 

There are so many people to choose from, but I would also like Janelle, Kaysar, or Danielle to win. 

Cody crushed the first HOH competition. From a strategic standpoint, who should he target first?

Sarah: I don't think Cody would ever target him, but I'd love to see him nominate Tyler. He's a huge threat physically, and even more so socially, that it would be a good idea to take him out right away.

Cody needs to learn from his mistakes and take out the "Derrick's" of the game before they get too far. This is his second chance, there's no need for him to be valuing friendships over winning the 500K.

Justin: Cody should target a winner first. Specifically, it should be Ian. 

This season is all about redemption and proving something; both Nicole F and Ian won their respective seasons. He will have an easier time this summer if he targets a winner than going after a legend or weaker player in his first week.  

Jasmine: I agree with Justin. Cody should target a previous winner. Why wouldn't you? My sights would be on previous winners and runner-ups, maybe some competition beasts too. 

I would want Tyler out, but knowing Cody he'll try working with him instead. He should target Ian and Nicole, but why do I feel like he's going after Kaysar after his diary room moment with Julie? 

Berea: Strategically and to not ruffle any feathers, Cody absolutely needs to nominate the two winners, Ian and Nicole. That just makes the most sense without upsetting too many houseguests in the process.

Ian should be the primary target. Even though he threw the HOH, he won the first competition in almost record time. If one of them come off the block, he should nominate one of the other contestants from the HOH competition.

Memphis is the only one of the HOH contestants who was a runner-up so he’s next up. The first HOH nominations should always be about getting as little blood on your hands as possible, so this should be a rational decision.

Like Jasmine said, I definitely see Cody working together with Tyler this season, despite how much I would like him out as soon as possible.

Paul: A former winner or someone who made it to the final three. It's tough being HOH when there are so many big names in the house. 

Julie pointed out that there will be secret rooms throughout the game. What are your thoughts on this?

Sarah: I rolled my eyes a bit at the mention of it, just because I'm a bit sick of all the twists Big Brother has had on recent seasons.

I miss classic Big Brother where everyone was given a fair chance and were not sent home because of a twist. But the secret rooms reminded me a bit of Pandora's Box, which is something that many BB fans miss.

So, if these mysterious rooms are anything like that, I'd be willing to give them a chance. I would especially be extremely happy if the first one, the Safety Suite, protected a couple of my favorites from the eviction block because I'm only human.

Justin: This is very Big Brother Season 6 vibes ... and I'm intrigued by it. I can't wait to see what powers and punishments start popping up throughout the house. And what these rooms look like. 

This could very well be like the Doctor's TARDIS, wherein the house layout is bigger than it appears.

Jasmine: I thought the same about the house expanding! It wouldn't be Big Brother without some bs twists, so I'm going to reserve judgment until I see how it plays out. Or, you know, helps out contestants I like. They're great when they're helping out my faves and trash when they aren't. 

Berea: Glad to know I’m not the only one biased about this! For me if it’s a twist that blatantly favors a specific houseguest, I won’t like it. I just want a fair game. I thought BB learned their lesson about that, though, considering they brought back David who was taken out on an unfair twist before he could even play. I’m keeping an open mind so far.

Paul: If it benefits any of my favorite players, then I'm all for it, haha. 

What are your hopes for Big Brother: All-Stars? 

Sarah: I really hope that there are many alliances this season and that there is not a huge group of people who basically run the house. It's no fun to watch the same people win over and over again, especially if they exclude others as a result.

It's All-Stars for crying out loud, there should be excitement and moments that go down in Big Brother history like Dan's funeral or Janelle evicting Dr. Will.

Give me epic alliances like the Renegades or Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy. I want this season to be one of the most memorable ones Big Brother has had in awhile, and it definitely has the potential for just that.

BB20 ALL Stars

Justin: What I'm hoping for is that these houseguests don't retread and repeat their strategies from past seasons.  

We don't need another Brigade 2.0. or Hitmen/Renegades 2.0. This is Big Brother: All-Stars! Let's learn from the past and not let certain players/alliances steamroll the game. 

Jasmine: Hear, hear! I want this season to be EPIC. There's no excuse for it not to be with these all-stars.

I want a bunch of alliances. I'm going to scream if it's just two big alliances duking it out and a bunch of alliance jumpers/floaters. That formula is so tired. I want some team-ups for the ages. 

I also don't want the same type of people steamrolling through the game or people playing the exact same game they played before. Excite me, dammit! 

julie chen celebrity big brother

Berea: I am so excited for this season. A girls alliance of Nicole, Dani, Da’Vonne, Christmas, Janelle, and Bayleigh could be epic.

Dani, Day, Bay, and Janelle are my favorites so I want to see them go all the way and I’m going to be heartbroken if they end up on opposite sides. I want to see a secret two-person alliance that no one figures out until the end.

I want fights. I want drama. I want those memorable moments that we wait to watch every summer.

It will be interesting to see people like Nicole and Bayleigh play without a showmance. David and Christmas are also contestants we didn’t really get a chance to see play before, so seeing them go up against actual legends will be interesting.

I really just pray we don’t see any more racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or other bad behavior on feeds which will ultimately end up on TMZ.

julie chen celebrity big brother 2

The houseguests should all know better by now, but I think we got mostly a good batch of historically non-problematic players. Let’s have an epic season. The only drama I want to see is game-related!

Paul: I want less controversy and more gameplay. My favorite part of this cast is that the ages of the contestants are so varied, in comparison to previous years. 

I don't want all of the big names to fizzle out ahead of jury, because there's no fun in that.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS. 

Elle Fanning True Crime Drama, Selena Gomez Comedy Among Hulu Pickups

The Hulu Press Tour took place Friday, and there were a string of cool announcements. 

The streamer announced renewals for Love, Victor and Taste The Nation with Padma Lakshmi, as well as a string of series orders. 

Straight-to-series orders for two new Hulu Original series, The Girl From Plainville and The Next Thing You Eat were announced. 

Starring Elle Fanning, The Girl From Plainville is a limited series inspired by the true story of the controversial case of Michelle Carter (Fanning), who was convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter for encouraging the suicide of her then-boyfriend via texts and phone calls.

Joining Hulu’s Original food programming slate is The Next Thing You Eat from James Beard Award–winning chef David Chang and Academy Award–winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville.

The six-part docuseries tells the story of the sea change taking place across every corner of the food world. From deeply personal accounts of the havoc wreaked on restaurants by COVID-19—including numerous in-depth interviews conducted in the midst of quarantine—to the ways in which robots and AI will forever change our relationship to food.

The Next Thing You Eat is a look into our cultural and culinary future from the creators of the Emmy® nominated Ugly Delicious.

Selena Gomez will star in and EP Only Murders In The Building Starring alongside comedic legends Steve Martin and Martin Short.

The series follows three strangers (Martin, Short and Gomez) who share an obsession with true crime and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in one.

“From renewals of fan and critic favorites Love, Victor and Taste the Nation, to exploring the true story of The Girl From Plainville and learning about David Chang’s deeply personal view at what’s next for the restaurant industry in The Next Thing You Eat, Hulu’s slate of Original programming has never been stronger,” said Craig Erwich, SVP of Originals, Hulu.

“Our content is driven by highly curated programming from best-in-class talent, and Hulu is dedicated to continuing to tell unique and inspired stories that our viewers crave.”

As part of The Walt Disney Company, Hulu has gained remarkable momentum over the past year, surpassing 35 million subscribers as of August 4, 2020.

The streaming platform also saw a nearly 40% increase in engagement (total hours watched) with its original programming in 2020, as well as a 43% year-over-year lift in social media interest.

The renewal for Love, Victor is a no-brainer. The Love, Simon sequel has been met with a warm response from fans. 

The series started its life as a Disney+ original, but was later shifted to Hulu. 

Friends Reunion Special Suffers Another Setback at HBO Max

Fans of friends will have to wait a little longer for the HBO Max reunion. 

The reunion of the hit NBC comedy series has been delayed again. 

Initially set to launch with HBO Max, the special was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

friends reunited?

Now, the project will not see the light of day until the fall at the very earliest. 

This is a good move, especially when you consider the fact that the streamer could have pressed on with the project via Zoom, or some other way in which the cast were not physically together. 

friends cast pic

As such, it's best to hold the project until it is safe to film. 

Fans were given a glimmer of hope last month when David Schwimmer announced to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that an August shoot was eyed by HBO.

“But honestly, we’re going to wait and see [for] another week or two, if we all determine it’s really safe enough to do,” he added. “And if not, then we’ll wait until it’s safe.”

The highly-anticipated project was ordered back in February to promote the series launching on HBO Max. 

friends cast pic 2

Series stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will return to the iconic comedy’s original soundstage, Stage 24, on the Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank for a celebration of the beloved show.

“Guess you could call this the one where they all got back together — we are reuniting with David, Jennifer, Courteney, Matt, Lisa, and Matthew for an HBO Max special that will be programmed alongside the entire Friends library,” said Kevin Reilly, chief content officer, HBO Max and president, TBS, TNT, and truTV when the special snagged an order. 

“I became aware of Friends when it was in the very early stages of development and then had the opportunity to work on the series many years later and have delighted in seeing it catch on with viewers generation after generation."

"It taps into an era when friends – and audiences – gathered together in real time and we think this reunion special will capture that spirit, uniting original and new fans.”

friendscast 3

Ben Winston will direct the special and will executive produce along with Friends executive producers Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane.

Are you happy the project has been delayed in order to film it on a sound stage, or would you be happy with a Zoom affair?

Hit the comments.

Yellowstone: Wes Bentley Reacts to Jamie Bombshell

Yellowstone continued to hurl curveballs at viewers on Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 7

Titled "The Beating," it delved deep into the character of Jamie. 

Jamie learned that he is adopted, and was understandably blindsided by the development. 

If you watch Yellowstone online, you know he confronted his father John about it, and is now questioning his entire life.

The way in which he learned of the reveal was heartbreaking. 

Jamie's biological mother was murdered by his father while he was just three months old. 

But how will all of this impact Jamie going forward?

"I can't even describe all of the things that came up in doing the scene where he finds out who he is," the actor said on the latest episode of Yellowstone Behind the Story.

"It was like a strange combination of 'ah-hah!' and 'oh no' and 'oh my god.' That's who I am. And this realization is gonna bring out something, I think possibly awful because we've already seen the potential in Jamie's temper and anger."

It's certainly an exciting direction for Yellowstone to travel, and one that will have severe ramifications for everyone involved. 

Jamie has proven to be crafty when he needs to be, and his resentment towards John is only going to intensify as he questions more and more about his formative years. 

Jamie is also in a position of power in the narrative thanks to being Attorney General, but will he use that to help or hinder his father?

There are so many fresh and exciting storylines on Yellowstone Season 3 that we're worried about how all of this will be wrapped up in three episodes. 

Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 8, airing Sunday on Paramount, is titled "I Killed a Man Today."

"Beth continues her battle with Willa Hayes and brings John a lucrative offer; Monica has a harrowing ordeal," reads the scarce logline. 

Those loglines sure keep a lot of information so that people are surprised with the episodes. 

Yellowstone recently dropped an explosive midseason trailer, and we should be getting some of the scenes from that on Sunday's episode. 

What are your thoughts on all the action?

Hit the comments. 

Looking Back On The 100: Eve Harlow on The Memory of Maya, Playing Someone Truly Good, and More!

There was no one truly innocent in the world of The 100, but Maya Vie came as close as possible.

From the moment we met Maya, so much of who she was came from her attempts to help people. She was a self-made revolutionary, and there was no way any of our main characters could have survived without her.

She was selfless, but beyond that, she was an example of hope.

Maya inspired those around her to believe that there is a way to do better, even if Mount Weather said something different. There was room to be better people, and Maya never strayed from that ideal. 


The audience experienced Maya, much like Jasper did, in awe and appreciation for the time we got to spend together.

Eve Harlow managed to deliver a stunning performance in a single season, laying the groundwork for a series-long legacy. She created a resilient, kind, and influential fan-favorite character.

Taking some time out to answer our questions, Eve Harlow shares her thoughts on Maya's time on the show and the message that she left behind with characters like Jasper Jordan. 

Eve also shared what paintings she might save in a post-apocalyptic world and how she spent her time during quarantine.


What was it like being on a show like The 100?

There were loads of great things, but I remember a standout being how open Jason (Rothenberg) was about the actors bringing in their interpretations of the characters; it made for a very positive and encouraging space to work in.

When I first met him, he exuded so much assurance that I was Maya, it left no room for doubt and allowed me to just go all out in my ideas for her. 

How did you approach playing a character like Maya?


As I would any character -- taking what's given to me at the time, and building a life/background that makes sense for that character to inhabit.

Maya's story had so many impossible choices that she had to make, and we learn a little bit about her backstory but not too much. Was there anything you added yourself to her backstory or any facts you created in your mind while playing her?

Every character, like every person, is a complex universe with a history, so I think it's inevitable for actors to come in and create backstories and facts that no one aside from them will ever know.

So in terms of coming up with all of that, yeah, I definitely do that with every character, with every project, and this one was no exception! 

What was the most challenging part of playing Maya?

I'd say it was probably balancing being able to project and hold on to a sense of innocence while simultaneously carrying an understanding about the severity of the situation she and the people she loved were in.

How do you maintain hope and a belief that it will get better when everything seems to be telling you otherwise? 

What was your favorite memory of being on The 100?

When I first met Chris (Larkin), I thought he hated me. But then fast forward a couple of weeks; we found out we're both voracious readers, die-hard music fans, and proceeded to spend every break we had in each other's trailers, playing whatever we happened to be loving at the moment.


I think that transition from, "Oh god, he hates me" to "Chris, listen to this song!" was probably my favorite. Also, grossing everyone out during lunch one day when I started to peel off the radiation makeup off my face.


Maya has left such a mark on the fans, with so many of them connecting to her warmth and her kindness. How is it for you as an actor to have a character that you played leave behind such an impact?

The best part was the turnaround people had.

When Maya was first introduced, I was inundated with Twitter messages proclaiming me to be evil and conniving. But by the end of the season, it was obvious that wasn't the case; that the feelings for Jasper were very much real, and Maya won the trust of the audience.

It was pretty great to see that play out. 

Maya was one of the few characters on the show who was truly good. What was it like playing a character who was so kind even though there was so much darkness around her?

To make sense of that, I turned to my own belief about people -- that for the most part, we're resilient creatures who manage to remain hopeful, do good, come together, and overcome, even in the direst of times.


Rebecca Solnit wrote two phenomenal books on this, A Paradise Built in Hell and Hope in the Dark; both inspire quite a lot of confidence in the integrity of the human race. 

A really important connection that Maya made was with Jasper, so much so that she influenced Jasper during his time on the show. How was it for you approaching those scenes between Jasper and Maya during Season 2? 

I knew that Maya was slated to be Jasper's love interest, so I approached those scenes as you would when trying to build a budding romance -- be flirty as fuck. But, in like, a Mount-Weather-type flirting. 

And Devon is a cutie; it wasn't hard. 


Was there anybody you wish you shared more scenes with?

Yes! Christopher. Larkin. Chris is one of my best friends, and we now often talk about how we wish our characters had more time on screen together.

(Chris, if you're reading this, hi, now everyone knows we wish we had more scenes together). 

The Mount Weather storyline, in general, was quite dark, how did you personally approach filming those scenes and balancing that with some of the more light-hearted content that Maya got?


I don't think that any grim situation is without its bright moments; if that weren't the case, humans just wouldn't be able to survive. We need silver linings. Leonard Cohen has a lyric that goes, "there is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in."

Maya was a sort of light in all the darkness of Mount Weather. 

Maya's last line in Season 2 was "none of us is innocent" and as the last season of The 100 airs this is still a topic of discussion amongst the characters. Do you personally think the characters and humanity can do better?

Yes, both in fiction and life, we could always be doing better.  


Maya shared with Jasper some of the paintings that were saved before the end of the world. Which paintings would you want to save in a potential apocalypse situation?

Why would you task me with that?! I love art too much!

A few of my favorites are Egon Schiele, Magritte, van Gogh, Odilon Redon, and Yayoi Kusama. I would be very happy if we could save any or all of their work.

Also, not to bring Chris into this again, but I would gift Larkin Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth since we're both fans of that one.  


You had such an exciting appearance in Season 6 during Clarke's mind space scene. What was it like getting to come back to set and to film that take on Maya?

Not only was it a blast to approach her in such a totally new way, but everyone was so welcoming and kind on set after all the time that had gone by!

It was so fun!

What can you share about some of your current and upcoming projects? Or maybe what you are doing during all of this stuff that is happening in the world?


My next project is a show about AI called neXt. It starts airing on FOX on Oct 6th. Check. It. Out.

As for dealing with the world being on fire, I'm a big advocate of direct action, so I have been participating in a lot of that. Then there are the usual things I go to for comfort -- books, movies, music, and sending all my friends lots of postcards.

Also, full disclosure: went through a very short-lived bread-making phase; why does no one talk about how hard it is to make sourdough?!


For The 100 fans still looking for some more nostalgia, TV Fanatic has a special new ongoing The 100 interview series. "Looking Back on The 100" that centers on monumental cast members and characters from the show that left behind a legacy. 

We recently spoke with Eli Goree about his time on the show during The 100 Season 1 and the mark he left behind. Then we also spoke with Michael Beach and the journey he had when it came to The 100. 

We then had the chance to take a walk down memory lane with the iconic Christopher Larkin, as he talked about his time playing Monty Green. And we got to hear Aaron Ginsburg's insight on his most iconic episodes and his writing journey on The 100.

We got to speak with Zach McGowan about that special return he made on the show. We also spoke with Leah Gibson about #GinaWasReal and with Nadia Hilker about creating the character of Luna.

Chai Hansen also looked back at the show with us when it came to his time on it as Ilian. And Charmaine DeGraté expanded on her writing journey with the show, as well as what it was like to write for Bellamy and Octavia Blake. 

Keep checking TV Fanatic for more upcoming interviews with surprise cast members from seasons past. 

The 100 airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

Share all your thoughts with us in the comments section! Stick around TV Fanatic for more features, slideshows, episode previews, interviews, and reviews of the upcoming season, and watch The 100 online if you need to catch up on the adventure.

The 100 Promo: Bellamy Blake Returns!

Viewers have been questioning Bellamy Blake's fate for months now. 

Thankfully, The 100 is about to give viewers the answers they desperately require. 

We were led to believe he's dead, but the new clip dropped by The CW confirms our bearded hero is alive and well. 

“Where in the universe is Bellamy Blake?” reads the official synopsis for The 100 Season 7 Episode 11

While the network is not offering up any more than that, we have the clip to dissect. 

Bellamy looks to be alone and confused on a planet, and given that we've been introduced to a wealth of new locations during The 100 Season 7, he could be anywhere. 

But, Bellamy is going to fight to save his life, as evidenced by the way he feasts on a scorpion. 

“There is a way off this planet,” Bellamy says in the clip. “I’m not afraid!”

Bellamy first went missing on The 100 Season 7 Episode 1, with fans questioning where the heck Octavia's brother and Clarke's BFF had disappeared to. 

With the mythology slowly expanding, we later learned that Bellamy had been blown up in Bardo. 

If you watch The 100 online, you know we got to witness it in all its heartbreaking glory. 

It was a bizarre direction to take the narrative, and the fans never believed he was truly dead. 

Heck, even Clarke had trouble believing the news. 

If there's one thing that will make all of this worthwhile, it's a meeting between the two friends as they react to what the hell has been going on. 

We are fast approaching the finish line and the stakes have been raised like never before. 

The 100 Season 7 Episode 10 took a pivotal character out of the equation for good. 

Things are only going to get more brutal as these final six episodes unspool. 

It's hard to believe that this thrilling drama is coming to an end. 

Have a look at the clip below and hit the comments with your thoughts on it. 

Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Safety from Eviction?

It was an eventful Thursday on Big Brother: All-Stars as Cody spent his first full day as the Head of Household. 

The Big Brother 16 alum made it clear he did not want to win the first competition because it would set a target on his back.

Nicole F wanted to make sure she was not a target, and they agreed to be allies until the end of the season. 

This makes sense because they've already played the game together, and they can both win competitions. 

Nicole F opened up about an all-female alliance and told to form an all-male alliance. This is so they can inform each other of plans before they happen. 

As for the first targets, Cody wanted to go after some of the old-school players like Keesha, Kaysar, and Janelle. It's not a bad plan because they are Big Brother legends. 

Kaysar and Janelle realized they were potential targets, so they took action. Kaysar used the Big Brother Safety Suite and won. 

He was allowed to choose a plus one, and you guessed it, he chose Janelle. 

This is terrible for Cody because it means he could put Keesha up, and Janelle or Kaysar could win the veto and take her down. 

Cody wants the two names he puts on the block to remain there into eviction night. He does not want to get more blood on his hands. It's too early in the game to be making enemies.

Despite people not talking much game, it seems like the old-school players might pull Nicole Anthony and Tyler in to form a majority alliance. 

We are still very early in the game, and this could change. 

Cody already asked Tyler if he was ready to game on the feeds, so that suggests they are planning on working with each other. 

It's possible Tyler will find a way to play both sides, and I'm not even mad. That's what he's good at. 

Tyler expected to have Kaycee in the game to work with, but she was cut from the cast ahead of the premiere. 

Instead, his enemy, Bayleigh, was waiting for him inside the house.

They had a major falling out during Big Brother 20 and never mended fences ... until now.

They both agreed to work with each other this time and to not backstab each other. We'll see how long that lasts. 

Things can change on a dime in the house. 

We have the nominations coming up today and Keesha is highly likely to be one of the first nominees of the season. 

What do you think of all the events?

Are you excited for what's about to go down?

Hit the comments below. 

Big Brother continues on CBS this Sunday.

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