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Days of Our Lives Round Table: Salem's Worst Mother's Day

The Mother’s Day viewers missed due to the time jump was finally revealed and the truth was more heartbreaking than we imagined.

Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Ronnie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the big revelations, Summer’s return, Victor’s plan, and what should happen next in Salem.

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Rate the Mother’s Day revelations from 1 (Disappointing) to 10 (Wow!).

Ronnie: 4. And I'm being nice. I don't think the heavily promoted "flashbacks week" lived up the hype. At all. I'm now questioning why we even needed a time jump in the first place.

Jack: I'm going to give it a 7. I wasn't surprised by much of it, but it was emotional and painful to watch.

I was disappointed that Will is in jail for supposedly killing Adrienne instead of having a story about him and Sonny trying to adopt or use a surrogate to have another child.

I would have rather seen that play out than this. And it was hard to watch the scenes with Adrienne when I knew they were going to end in her death.

Christine: I’m going with a 7 as well. Although I knew most of what would happen, and I had to suspend a lot of logic to go along with the accident and baby switch stories, the performances were very compelling.

The actors brought their A-games. The only downside was that with so many deaths, it was a really depressing week to watch.

What did you think of Summer’s return? Was it necessary? Do you want her to come back?

Ronnie: I never wanted to see Summer again and I really thought she was long forgotten. Her return was nonsensical. And no offense to the actresses, but the scenes between Summer and Maggie were some of the worst I've seen on this show.

Jack: Don't get me started on this. I always thought Summer was a pointless character to begin with and these last scenes were totally ridiculous. I

t's obvious her reappearance was only a catalyst for Maggie to drink again. I didn't find that believable and I didn't care one bit that she's dying of liver disease (especially since she looked perfectly healthy.)

Christine: Summer has always been a terrible waste of screen time and this was no exception. I had wished the writers would forget she existed and instead she was brought back to give Maggie an excuse to drink and cause a horrific accident.

The only upside is that perhaps Summer really did die of her liver disease and we won’t ever have to deal with her again.

Did Kristen purposefully kill Hayley? Should she be held accountable for Hayley’s death?

Ronnie: Kristen didn't actually push Haley down the stairs, but she's still responsible for her death. Not that I care, Haley was the most boring person on earth.

Jack: This reminded me of when Julie fell down the steps. Kristen, like Gabi, didn't mean to kill Haley. She was fighting with her and Haley fell.

But if Will can be held accountable for Adrienne's death, which was also an accident, Kristen can and should be held accountable for Haley's. Of course, we know she won't be, but still.

Christine: Kristen was out of her mind with grief so I don’t consider her to blame for Hayley’s death. She didn’t follow Hayley into that stairwell with any intent to do her harm, she just wanted to know what happened to her baby.

It really was horrible but it was an accident.

Do you blame Victor and Xander for protecting Maggie and letting Will believe he caused the accident?

Ronnie: I absolutely do. They ruined a lot of lives that night with their decisions and nothing justifies it. But I'm sure they're both going to be whitewashed soon enough.

Jack: I know Victor doesn't want Maggie to go through the pain of realizing she killed Adrienne and also her newborn granddaughter, but his plans wreaked all sorts of havoc, and in a way it's enabling taken to an extreme.

Haley's death, Will's guilt, and the disintegration of Will and Sonny's marriage all stemmed from Victor's nonsense. And Maggie needs to face what she's done and try to make amends.

And yes, Will deserved to be punished for texting and driving, but since he didn't actually cause the accident, that's not what he should have been convicted of.

Christine: I completely understand Victor’s intent. His first instinct is to protect those he loves at all costs. Xander also wanted to protect Maggie and Sarah, plus he desperately wants to keep his place in the family with Victor.

But the fact that I understand it doesn’t make it remotely right. Maggie did cause two deaths and Sarah did lose her child. Inevitably, the truth will come out and Victor’s actions have only made the fallout that much worse. 

Plus, Victor will lose Brady forever once he learns that his grandfather let him think his child was dead and gave the baby to someone else. I don’t see how that can possibly be forgiven.

During a week of heartbreak, what was the most heartbreaking scene of the week?

Ronnie: Will realizing that he might be responsible for the accident and telling Sonny.

Jack: All of Justin and Sonny's scenes at Adrienne's bedside after she died were heartbreaking, especially when they started with the flashbacks of Justin and Adrienne.

Christine: Kristen saying goodbye to her baby. She has wanted that baby desperately for most of her adult life and, despite all she’s done, she didn’t deserve this.

Now that we know the truth about the accident and the baby switch, what do you hope to see happen next?

Ronnie: I would like the whole town to turn on Victor and for it to stick. He's embraced the fact that he's a villain again, and that's how I always liked him best.

But the rest of Salem needs to acknowledge it and treat him accordingly. His relationship with Brady needs to be forever altered after this.

Jack: I'm looking forward to all of this getting undone and the truth being revealed. I'm especially interested in how JJ will react to learning about the baby switch.

Maggie recently offered to be his sponsor, but he may blame her and Victor for Haley's death, since Haley would not have died had Kristen not thought her baby was dead.

Christine: I want Kristen and Brady to know their baby is alive but I hate that it means Sarah having to lose her child. There is no good way to resolve this story and that makes it difficult to watch.

I also hate that Ciara gets to be so self righteous now that she knows the truth. It just makes me dislike her more.

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Ronnie: I thought Chandler Massey did a marvelous job as Will this entire week. He's the one who touched me the most. Will related scenes in general were enjoyable for me.

Jack: This was such a hard week. I liked the Tony and Anna stuff because it was a break from the depressing stuff, and it's always great to see Thaao Phenglis.

I also liked the flashbacks of Justin and Adrienne, which I think were a good replacement for an actual funeral.

Christine: The Justin and Adrienne flashback were fantastic. I especially loved their first meeting with the handkerchief and Justin remembering how Adrienne went through so much crap growing up but it only made her stronger.

Want to read more about “Salem’s Saddest Day.” Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

Sneak Peeks and Side Trips: Star Trek Short Treks Season 2

During the 2018-19 season hiatus, Star Trek fans were blown away by the production value, narrative depth, and pure guilty pleasure of Star Trek: Short Treks Season 1.

Although Star Trek: Short Treks Season 2 offers more episodes, several are considerably shorter in length and lighter in content.

As a whole, they maintain the visual excellence of Season 1 and even stretch the innovation of the series with two animated episodes.

What the new season does best is provide many fan-pleasing Easter Eggs, homages to well-known classic incidents, and a chance to hang out with the newest incarnations of Spock, Number One, and Pike.

However, the jury's still out on the insights it provides on the highly-anticipated new series, Star Trek: Picard, the upcoming third season of Star Trek: Discovery, and the new animated series, Star Trek: Below Decks.

Where the first season of mini-episodes was, for the most part, intrinsic to understanding much of the developments on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, this season seems to focus on interesting but not pivotal backstory.

Episode 1: Q & A

After playing central roles on the U.S.S. Discovery for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, it was hard to hear that Pike, Number One, and Spock would be reboarding the Enterprise and not returning for Season 3.

To make the parting more bearable, the trio makes appearances on both Star Trek: Short Treks Season 2 Episode 1 and Star Trek: Short Treks Season 2 Episode 3 and Pike shows up briefly on Star Trek: Short Treks Season 2 Episode 2.

On the premiere episode, Spock boards the Enterprise for the first time and immediately ends up stuck in a malfunctioning turbo lift with Number One where they pass the time learning about each other.

Chit-chat isn't really a Vulcan's wheelhouse, so Number One does the sensible thing and issues a direct order to Mr. Spock to ask her questions until she tells him to stop.

What follows is the most intense session of speed dating ever, with Number One's efficiency matched against Spock's powerful Vulcan intellect and ability to generate a seemingly infinite and random series of inquiries.

The process does what it's meant to do -- break the ice between the two extremely professional, incredibly smart, and user-focused individuals.

Not only do they discover they have a lot in common, but the ordeal in the lift drags on long enough for them to share some pretty personal insights.

A quick Internet dive reveals that the idea spawned from writer Michael Chabon's desire to reconcile Number One's appearance on the first pilot of OG Star Trek, "The Cage," alongside a smiling Mr. Spock with the series that came afterward.

There, a far more restrained Mr. Spock assumed Number One's position as second in command -- and much of her personality, as well.

What "Q & A" does beautifully in 14 short minutes is predict the amazing relationship between the two, which viewers never really get to see. 

Number One is and always has been a woman AND Starfleet officer who knows her worth.

That she can reach out to mentor and bond with a colleague who is just as capable but lacks the experience she has doubly proves that she is truly the ideal "Number One" to Pike's Captain.

Episode 2: The Trouble With Edward

Like Star Trek: Short Treks Season 1 Episode 4 -- "The Escape Artist" -- Season 2 serves up a helping of preposterousness with this origin story of the infamous Tribbles, the universe's cutest biological weapon.

And we can tell Star Trek: Short Treks are gaining status with the talent the projects are attracting. 

Alita: Battle Angel herself, Rosa Salazar, playing the fresh-faced, newly-minted Captain Lynne Lucero of the U.S.S. Cabot, a science vessel charged with alleviating starvation on Pragine-63, a planet near Klingon space.

It's her bad/worst luck that her crew includes Edward Larkin, an "unorthodox" thinker who doesn't take well to being told his idea to modify the DNA of the low-spawning Tribble organism to create a protein food source is not a viable option.

All hail, H. Jon Benjamin, the titular voice of Archer and Bob's Burgers and now memorialized in Star Trek canon as Larkin, the progenitor of Tribbles as we know (and fear) them.

It is Starfleet, as we have NEVER seen before (not even in the Mirror Universe). Starfleet officers and scientists are understood to be the future of the Hogwarts Houses -- brave, hard-working, clever, and political -- depending on the character.

Larkin blows all of those preconceptions out the warp drive.

He is petty and juvenile and just awful. But, unfortunately for the ill-fated U.S.S. Cabot -- and the planet below -- and, it can be assumed, nearby Klingon settlements, he's actually quite a capable scientist.

Disobeying a direct order, he incorporates his DNA with the Tribbles, turning them into a planet-ending, born-pregnant infestation.

It is an enormously entertaining train-wreck of a Trek experience.

The image of Larkin standing triumphant, screaming, "I am not the dumb one," as the exploding mass of Tribbles behind him is about to bury him in an avalanche of twitchy, squeaky, furry bodies will be burned into my brain for many a stardate.

Episode 3: Ask Not

I have a few quibbles with Star Trek: Short Treks Season 2 Episode 3 in that, considering holodeck technology was two Trek generations away, how exactly did they create the simulation test Cadet Sidhu conquered?

The easiest answer is that she didn't know the room she was in was a specially-designed test room and the explosions and impacts were pyrotechnics built into the walls. 

Still, that seems a little contrived.

Of course, it was all a Number One scheme to test the mettle of a potential new Enterprise crew member. 

Following on "Q & A," Number One and Spock's close bond is still apparent when they greet Sidhu in the transporter room.

Spock's comment on how one comes to expect "no mercy" from Number One is met with a distinctly arched eyebrow side-eye from his superior.

Sidhu's responses to Pike in the simulation not only reveal her stalwart adherence to Starfleet protocols but her knowledge of those protocols and when they can be applied.

In stark contrast to the late Edward Larkin, Sidhu gets every button pushed in the process of the simulation -- fear for her husband's safety, trauma from surviving a previous Tholian attach, intimidation in the face of direct orders from Captain Pike -- and manages to hold her ground.

The episode's title -- "Ask Not" -- refers to John F. Kennedy's famous speech in which he challenges Americans to look first to themselves when seeking what makes a great country.

"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

It's Sidhu's staunch ethical standard that earns her a place on the Enterprise's engineering team.

But if every new hire was made to pass one of Number One's simulation tests, I'd say the Enterprise's threshold for entry may be more than the job's worth to some.

Episode 4: The Girl Who Made the Stars

At the very start of Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 1, Michael Burnham, in voiceover, recounts a legend from the /Xam Abathwa tribe of Africa which explains the stars of the Milky Way were the result of a girl who "dug her hands in the wood ash and threw it into the sky."

In this, the first animated Star Trek episode in 45 years, we see that Michael heard the story from her father on nights when storms frightened her as a child.

The tardigrade stuffy is a nice touch.

(For those interested in BTS tidbits, Michael's father is voiced by the same actor who portrayed him on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 11, Kenric Green, the real-life husband of Sonequa Martin-Green, aka Michael Burnham.)

With shades of Moana in the trope of the brave explorer child who will lead her people out of their stagnating safety, "The Girl Who Made the Stars" can easily be interpreted as Michael's catalyst mythology.

In casting herself as the girl in the folktale, she envisions herself facing down the darkness to create the light.

Encountering new entities and experiencing strange environments is just the start for her.

With beautiful animation and lyrical storytelling, this VERY SHORT Short Trek hints at incredible new adventures for our intrepid heroes aboard the U.S.S. Discovery.

It's an elegant tie-in to both the far past (Burnham's childhood) and the near past ("Brother"), as well as a potential future for Star Trek: Discovery.

After all, just as the girl grew to become a warrior and leader for her people after making the stars to light the night sky, we know that Burnham and her crew are out there, somewhere in time and space, overcoming the obstacles so that they can come home after saving the universe from Control.

Episode 5: Ephraim and Dot

Now this episode is a giant batch of Star Trek: The Original Series Easter Eggs to make the fandom rise up and cheer.

Starting with the animated black-and-white introduction of a "Starfleet Science" film and a "docile" tardigrade named Ephraim, we get a mycelial-network-travelling micro-animal's view of the Enterprise.

As established by Ripper's storyline on Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 and the use of his DNA to guide the spore drive, time and space mean nothing to the mycelial sub-verse or its inhabitants.

As Ephraim runs riot through the Enterprise's inner (and outer) workings, we assume that Dot, the worker robot, is just one robot chasing a would-be stowaway.

But all Dot-7s are identical and programmed to be identically inhospitable to unauthorized visitors.

Since Ephraim's Enterprise explorations lead her through several identifiable and iconic moments of Star Trek: The Original Series, hinting that she's not linearly experiencing time, isn't it possible that every time a Dot-7 spots her and gives chase, it could just be the most recent Dot-7 to encounter her?

Alternatively, it could be the same Dot-7 -- supposing that the Enterprise only has one left at the time Ephraim first gets sucked on board -- but he's linearly experiencing time and this tardigrade just randomly appears every few months and leads him on a merry chase.

It's quite the odd couple pairing with Ephraim just looking to lay some eggs and hatch them and Dot looking to evict one and all.

Meanwhile, Trekkers are just going NUTS over the events occurring in the background.

An animated version of Khan Noonien Singh! 


A shirtless, sword-wielding Sulu!

The chase is fast-paced and comical with Ephraim desperate to stay near her eggs, and Dot determined to get rid of her.

Honestly, Ephraim is so cute it's pretty hard to see Dot's perspective on this conflict.

Of course, once Dot succeeds in jettisoning Ephraim, it's up to the little tardigrade to catch up to the ship and that's when the visual references start to fly.

For those paying attention, Ephraim manages to glimpse the Enterprise's encounters with the Hand of Apollo, the Planet Killer doomsday machine, a Tholian web, the giant Abraham Lincoln created by the Excalbians, and the U.S.S. Reliant.

With the Enterprise's self-destruction over the Genesis Planet, it appears that Ephraim's efforts have failed, her eggs lost to the explosion.

And her furious attack on Dot had the same understandable visceral rage that we saw when Culber finally took out his frustrations on Ash Tyler on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 8.

I can honestly say that, between Ripper and Ephraim, tardigrades are the most sympathetic non-humanoid, non-speaking characters on my TV these days.

Despite Dot proving the hero, I'm left wondering if he later got rescued by another ship or if he just ended up space junk after Ephraim took her babies off into the final frontier.

Episode 6: Children of Mars

The season finale is enigmatic in its purpose.

The schoolroom rivalry between Lil and Kima is an unexplained dislike between two young people with absentee family.

Their conflicts are petty, intense, and both subtle and dramatic.

Pretty much exactly what high school was like when I was growing up, not sure about yours.

Whether Lil is taking out her disappointment at her father's cancellation on Kima or there's a larger backstory, it's clear these two know each other enough to know exactly how to get under the other's skin.

When the synths strike Mars, the tragedy of losing their parents in the same attack draws them together.

In the most straightforward terms, Lil and Kima are probably representative of many of the people affected by the synth attack, differences forgotten in the light of greater issues.

More importantly for keen-eyed viewers, the presence of Admiral Jean-Luc Picard on the news feed hints that the synths will be something the new series will be dealing with.

The more subtle message carried by this episode applies to our world today.

War's victims are not limited to those who die in attacks. Those left behind -- many innocent in the scope of war -- are left to remember, suffer, and mourn.

Star Trek: Short Treks Season 2 is a menagerie of adventures, characters, contexts, and events.

It'll be very interesting to see how they tie into this year's many Star Trek series.

What do you think will be the most significant Short Trek this round? 

What will you be watching for?

Does anyone know where to get a tardigrade stuffy? Asking for a friend.

And we sure would appreciate a follow of our new Twitter account as we work to rebuild our audience! 


The Resident Round Table: Conrad's Comeback!

Our boy is back at Chastain!

The heroes of Chastain had a win on The Resident Season 3 Episode 13 when the cream of the crop, AJ, Bell, and Conrad worked together, rules be damned, to save a young athlete. It was just the key to getting Conrad back at Chastain where he belongs.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, and Rachel Foertsch as they discuss the hour.

The Resident Round Table Art

Are you pleased with how Conrad finagled his way back into Chastain with more power and control?

Carissa: Yes. And while someone noted in the comments that they wished Conrad had taken his new job to the competing hospital, he couldn't do that for the same reason Kit couldn't do it.

Conrad won't let his people or his former patients suffer under the Red Rock regime.

He proved his value, and the hospital and staff are stronger because of it. That will irritate the hell out of Cain and Logan, and when people are vengeful for the wrong reasons, they start making decisions that reflect that.

Trying to take down Conrad and screw patients will start to show on Cain and Logan, and I cannot wait.

Meaghan: Absolutely! Conrad belongs at Chastain, and he ended up back there in the best way imaginable; dealing a major blow to Logan in the process.

Logan needed to put his own personal ego aside and see the bigger picture. He may have his issues with Conrad, but patients love Conrad and come to Chastain specifically for him.

Anybody who wants to have a successful business should look at that as an asset. The look on Logan's face when he realized he had no choice but to let Conrad return should have been photographed on put on display in Conrad's office.

Rachel: Yes! Although, a part of me was hoping he'd take the other job offer. It would be interesting to see how Conrad operates in a different work environment, and Logan realizing the error of his ways and having to go to Conrad would've been satisfying.

But I have no complaints. I agree with Carissa and Meaghan. From what viewers have seen, Conrad is more loved than any other doctor at the hospital. Letting him go was a huge mistake, and Logan finally realized it.

Logan and Cain are going down, and I can't wait to watch their demise. In case it wasn't clear, I hate that duo.

The Resident has some of the best relationships and dynamics, but did the series outdo themselves with AJ, Bell, and Conrad?

Carissa: I'm so here for it. There is nothing I love more than genuine friendships that are born out of begrudging respect. It means someone wasn't as closed-minded as originally thought, and they're willing to remain open to possibilities.

Those friendships usually become quite strong. That's what's happening with these three talented and handsome men. They're one of the brightest spots on television.

Meaghan: These men were fantastic together. AJ and Bell coming together to get Conrad back at Chastain shows how far they have all come, both individually and together.

Who would have thought so many huge heads could fit into a room together and be willing to make room for each other.

They are just clear examples of how someone can have a big ego and be confident in their skills but allow that to make them a better physician and a better team member. This is in stark contrast to Cain whose ego makes him an island unless it benefits him.

Rachel: Teamwork makes the dream work! Looking back on what these characters were like during The Resident Season 1, I never would have imagined that they would be able to agree on anything.

Not only did they work well together, but they enjoyed each other's company and respected each other's medical opinions. There was no fighting or disagreements, and rather than stealing credit as Bell did in the past, he made sure everyone knew that Conrad was the mastermind behind the diagnosis.

I love procedurals, but watching characters grow and evolve will always be more fascinating to me than the actual medical work.

Who has the most disappointing arc this season: Devon or Mina? What, if anything, can be done to improve it?

Carissa: It's Mina's. But first, let's say that Devon almost annoyed me with his bow tie and wanting to impress with looks rather than his talent, but he pulled it together with that coffee scene with Conrad.

But back to Mina. She's a tremendous surgeon, and we're watching her care for a baby?

I appreciate the nod to motherhood being different to everyone, but that's not why we love Mina. She's been sidelined at the hospital by this arc, other than her jaunt with Nic, and that's unacceptable. Move on.

Meaghan: Mina. Devon has passed his annoying phase for me. Mina's storyline, on the other hand, is frustrating beyond belief.

As Carissa said, you have this amazing surgeon who is being relegated to the mommy role instead of letting her shine.

Thank you, Mina. For everything.


The whole purpose of this storyline was clearly to make Mina realize that she wants to be a mother, but can the writers please explain why we needed that? Why can't they show that it is OK for Mina to just want her career right now?

The idea of every woman having to want to be a mother is such an outdated notion and I'm actually surprised that these writers are pushing that narrative.

Rachel: Mina. I couldn't care less about the baby storyline. Mina has made it clear from the very first episode that her career is what's most important to her, and that's perfectly okay.

A woman is allowed to build a career instead of, or before, building a family. I would fully support Mina having a baby someday if that's what she wanted, but first I want to watch her become the kickass surgeon she's striving to become.

The Resident has put her entire medical journey on hold this season, simply because her friend decided to have a baby. How does that make sense? Mina deserves a storyline that serves her justice, and this isn't it.

On a scale of 1-10, how emotional were the Kyle and Kyle/Nic arc? Have you enjoyed the execution of this serious topic?

Carissa: I'll give it a 7. I didn't cry, but I'm also suffering from a cold and feelings are trapped inside of my stuffed head.

But I was so grateful that Corbin Bernson was cast as her father in that moment. There have been times when Kyle has annoyed the hell out of me, but that's a testament to Bernson's abilities as an actor.

I really want to be here for all those moments that you talked about.


And when he finally broke with Nic, that was beautiful. Nic's understanding of her dad has increased immensely, and her analysis of his inability to accept that he was building something instead of tearing it down was astute.

It was a very good scene. I'm just sad that he's leaving the show. I wonder for how long.

Meaghan: 7. Kyle has been great this season. Before this season, Kyle at most times was almost impossible to stomach.

We have watched him grow through his grief over Jessie. That is what makes his descent into this severe depression to the point of wanting to end his life all the more heartbreaking.

I think I know what you're planning, and I'm going to let you do it.


We have seen him do so well and make such a difference in the lives of the people he has touched. For him not to see how important he is to the world is so sad.

The only thing that kept me from giving it a higher rating is that the storyline felt slightly rushed. I only wish we had seen it play out a little more organically before shifting into high gear last episode.

Rachel: 7's all around. I think it would have had more emotional impact if viewers had been tipped off about Kyle's struggles earlier on. A facial expression or a comment here and there would have gone a long way.

It seemed as if they tried to cram it all into one episode instead of spreading it out through the season. I found it hard to believe that Kyle only just started having these thoughts, and while I still found his scene with Nick emotional, the way that it was written threw me off.

Do you have any other thoughts about the hour you would like to share?

Carissa: After mentioning Kit above, I've been missing her. Where is she during all of this Conrad mess? With her working so closely with Cain, I'd have appreciated her perspective.

Meaghan: I'm with Carissa. I actually was looking for something on IMDB during the episode and saw her name and couldn't remember the last time we had seen her.

She was such a big part of the early season, and it feels like she has just disappeared. With such a great ensemble cast, I get that it is impossible to highlight or show everyone each episode, but she and Jessica are grossly underused.

Rachel: I'm with Carissa and Meghan. Where is Kit? She's been gone for so long it makes me wonder if it's due to actor availability issues.

Even if she wasn't supposed to have a huge role in the recent episodes, there were plenty of moments where it would have made sense for her to pop up.

What was your favorite scene from the hour?

Carissa: When Bell had to admit his appreciation for Conrad and AJ dragged him for it. That was a great scene, as were all of those that featured the three amigos.

Bell: I never thought I would say these words.
AJ: Go ahead and say it.
Bell: We might need Conrad Hawkins.
AJ: Did that hurt?
Bell: Just a little bit.

Meaghan: All of Conrad's time in the coffee shop. The man could have easily set up a consultation business there. The Chastain providers could just take a trip over, get some advice, and go on their merry way.

A second would be everyone celebrating Conrad's reinstatement. The happiness surrounding the initial promotion was cut short, so it was nice to get back to that again.

Rachel: Conrad making his demands to Logan. The best part about the entire situation is why Logan hired Conrad back, in the first place.

I'm chief resident, and I'm going to do whatever to protect my patients at Chastain.


He didn't do it because he was being blackmailed or because he was forced into. He realized that Conrad is the best of the best, and the hospital needs him to succeed.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! Do you agree with us? Do you disagree?

Hit the comments below with all of your thoughts.

Also, we would appreciate a follow of our new Twitter account as we work to rebuild our audience!


What to Watch: Arrow and The Good Place Sign Off, Dog & Cat Bowls

The Grammys this Sunday and the Super Bowl next means there aren't a lot of premieres.

But hold on to your hats, cowboys, because February 6 will see all kinds of goodness hitting the airwaves.

But this week, we have plenty to enjoy from goofy made-for-tv movies from our favorite networks to the preliminary Puppy and Kitten Bowl activities featuring older, adopted or adoptable critters on the gridiron.

And we're also marking the ends of an era as Arrow signs off of the airwaves on Tuesday, and we spend our last night in The Good Place on Thursday.

WTW Jan 26

Sunday, January 26

8/7c Batwoman (The CW)

Will the REAL Beth please stand up? Demons from the past rise on the occasion of the Kane sisters' birthday while yet ANOTHER unexpected guest arrives in Gotham.

8/7c Adopted in Danger (Lifetime)

Allison Paige stars in this movie in which a DNA test helps a young woman connect with her birth parents, but she soon realizes that some family histories are better left untold. Oooh! Sounds dastardly!

8/7c The Wrong Housesitter (LMN)

Preparing for a significant business trip, a successful editor believes he's found the perfect housesitter. However, he soon discovers that she has no plans to leave his home or his life. This one stars Vivica A Fox, you guys!

8 pm Power (Starz)

We're getting very close to saying goodbye to Power. With one episode left before the series finale, we're getting another look at the fateful day Ghost got shot and meeting some new characters along the way.

You do not want to miss the penultimate episode of the hit series. And you're going to want to watch it live!

9/8c Supergirl (The CW)

After almost two seasons of being gone, Winn returns from the future.

But is he the Winn we all know and love, or is he someone a bit more dangerous? And purely out of coincidence, a Toyman copycat causes trouble for Kara and the rest of the team.

9/8C Shameless (Showtime)

It's the penultimate season finale, and Debbie has to find a way to bounce back following what happened with Claudia, while Lip has to face the consequences of what he did to Tami.

Ian and Mickey will still be trying to fix their relationship ahead of their wedding, but is there really any hope for them?

Monday, January 27

8/7c All American (The CW)

With Tyrone back on the streets, Spencer is being a little overly protective of Coop and Laura and finds himself in uncharted territory. Olivia is nervous about her upcoming SoLA Muse Cotillion and tries to lean on Asher, but he seems more focused on football than ever.

Coop and Patience are trying to get back into a rhythm, but things get worse when Coop's jealous streak comes out. Meanwhile, Jordan alerts Billy about what he sees on social media that makes Billy worry a little.

9/8c Prodigal Son (FOX)

Malcolm faces an internal affairs review after an incident happens at the precinct. After his experience with John Watkins, the team is seriously concerned about Malcolm's mental health. Malcolm has a difficult time processing the reveal that his father planned to kill him as a child.

But we will finally get an appearance from Malcolm's sweet pet, Sunshine!

9/8c The New Pope (HBO)

Sir John Brannox finally gives his answer as to whether or not he'll don the Pope's robes, but is he more than what Voiello and the rest of the gang bargained for?

Tuesday, January 28

8/7c NCIS (CBS)

After Torres and Bishop are victims of a hit-and-run, Torres fights for his life in the ICU.

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

Conrad is back at Chastain where he belongs, and it is as eventful as ever. Cain is livid that he got left out of the decision to bring back Conrad.

The doctors have to treat two of Red Rock's biggest donors, and there's a situation where three patients with different symptoms could be affected by the same thing.

But CoNic alert! Could Nic's bout of nausea mean she's pregnant?! :-O

9/8c Arrow (The CW)

The series finale is finally here, and if the last nine episodes are any proof, there will be an abundance of twists and surprises.

Many beloved faces return for the final installment of the show that started a whole universe, but the most notable is Felicity, who hasn't been seen since last season's finale.

With Oliver presumably dead after the events of Crisis, how will Arrow end its eight-year run?

10/9c Project Blue Book (History)

The mysteries surrounding the Roswell Incident continue as Gen. Harding is backed into a corner. Will Hynek and Quinn find out the truth behind what happened in Roswell?

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

The doctors take on a special case that will inspire the entire hospital and likely reduce New Amsterdam Fanatics to tears (again).

Max and Floyd work together on a young patient who shows signs of a heart attack, but with Floyd planning to relocate, Max might do whatever he can to convince Floyd to stay. Meanwhile, Helen continues down a new path in her career.

10:30 Miracle Workers: Dark Ages (TBS)

Miracle Workers goes back in time for its next installment, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages.

Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, Jon Bass, and Lolly Adefope return in new roles

In this season, they face new challenges as a group of medieval villagers who are trying to stay positive in an age of extreme income inequality, poor healthcare and widespread ignorance.

Wednesday, January 29,

9/10c Party of Five (Freeform)

On an episode aptly titled "Rafa," the youngest Acosta sibling falls and has to go to the hospital.

The circumstances leave the rest of them worried and wrestling with whether or not they should share the news with their parents. As if they aren't stressed enough, due to many recent events, the Acostas are visited by social services.

9/8c Criminal Minds (CBS)

Following a series of fatal shootings, the BAU team travels to Des Plaines, Ill. to investigate what appears to be a copycat serial killer. Their efforts are thrown off track when members of the BAU are targeted.

This is the last season, Criminal Minds Fanatics, so when the team is in jeopardy, all options are on the table. Will everyone survive?

10/9c Good Trouble (Freeform)

Mariana's role in the salary leak might get exposed to all of Speckulate, and her job is on the line.

Callie and Jamie are on opposing sides of a lawsuit. Malika is offered a plea deal but is hesitant to take it.

Alice is torn between her relationship with Joey and her friendship with Lindsay, and Davia's teaching days are more challenging by the hour.

Thursday, January 30

8/7c Supernatural (The CW)

After their very bad day living in the mundane world of normalcy, Sam and Dean take things to a new level in a high stakes game of pool, while Cas hunts down a would-be murderer.

8:30 The Good Place (NBC)

Now that the gang has made it to heaven, it's time to find out if they'll remain there, be successful in changing the status quo, or go an entirely different route.

This is a 90-minute finale special that features about 65 minutes for the show itself, and the remainder will be an after-show hosted by Seth Meyers.

9/8c Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Amelia plans to tell Link that their baby may not actually be his. Meredith has mixed feelings about DeLuca and new doc McWidow.

Maggie is in a dark place after finding out she's being sued, and Bailey returns to work after taking some personal time.

9/8c Legacies (The CW)

With Chris Wood's return just around the corner, and with Alaric, Lizzie, Josie, and Sebastian trapped in the prison world with him, there's going to be some twists and turns.

Also, we have cupid coming up, and he may have a more significant link to the prophecy than we first thought.

Thursday, January 30

10/9c A Million Little Things (ABC)

Who is Eric? Gary is on the warpath to find out, and he has a physical confrontation with Eric, getting himself arrested in the process. Rome and Gina continue down their adoption path, but they also have their hands full with Sophie. Meanwhile, Eddie jumps back into his music career.

Friday, January 31st

8/7c Hawaii Five-0

Soon after Danny meets the girl of his dreams, they get into a potentially fatal car accident in an area far from help. Also, McGarrett enlists Quinn and Tani to help when Eddie the dog suddenly shows signs of PTSD.

Hawaii Five-0 Doggie Issues

8/7c Sinister Stalker (LMN)

Karen, an emergency room doctor, is rescued by a handsome stranger named Daniel after she gets attacked on her way home one night.

When Daniel gets injured in the attack, Karen takes him back to her house to tend to his wounds.

But as Karen spends more time with Daniel, she learns that he is not the selfless hero she thought he was.

Saturday, Feb 1

8/7c Poisoned Love: The Stacey Castor Story (Lifetime)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos stars in this movie about Stacey Ruth Castor, who weathered the storm of her first husband's death and managed to find love again with her husband, David.

But when David is discovered dead of an apparent suicide, the police suspect some foul play as David's death mimics that of Stacey's first husband, Michael Wallace, who died in 2000.

8/7c Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Bowl 2020 (Animal Planet)

Teams of adult and senior dogs adopted from rescues and shelters compete in a furry football competition to score touchdowns.

Watch as we all wait with excitement to find out which animal athlete will take home the Super Senior Award!

Puppy Bowl

9/8c A Valentine's' Match (Hallmark)

Bethany Joy Lenz and Luke Macfarlane create the romantic pairing at the center of this new Valentine's Day movie from Hallmark.

Fired from her job as a reality TV host, a woman returns home for Valentine's Day and finds herself running a town festival auction with her ex-fiance.

Will they remain exes? Watch to find out!

11/10c Cat Bowl II (Hallmark)

The second annual Cat Bowl will showcase adorable and adoptable adult ‘cat-letes’ as they compete on the gridiron for a special place in viewers' hearts. Inspirational stories of senior and special needs cats will highlight the special event.

With Hallmark Channel's partner North Shore Animal League America, “Cat Bowl” and companion program “Kitten Bowl” will be a part of the biggest pet adoption event in the country.

Cat Bowl II

North Shore Animal League America and Last Hope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation drafted the cats for a more heartwarming “Senior Bowl” than has ever taken place on the gridiron.

“Cat Bowl” is part of Hallmark Channel’s evergreen pet initiative, ADOPTION EVER AFTER, committed to educating the public about the many rewards of pet adoption in hopes of inspiring viewers to open their homes and hearts to shelter pets.

This is an awesome preview of Cat Bowl II and Kitten Bowl VII. Superbowl schmuperbowl.

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