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The CW Fall Schedule: Riverdale, Batwoman, & Legends of Tomorrow on the Move!

The CW is the fifth — and final — broadcast network to firm up its fall 2021 schedule, and there are some big changes.

Riverdale is leaving Wednesdays behind after five seasons leading off the night.

The buzzy teen drama is moving to Tuesdays at 9/8c, out of The Flash.

It’s a big move, but clearly, one to bolster the ratings of the young-skewing drama.

It has been on a slippery slope in the ratings, much like many of the other CW series, so the move is hardly a big surprise.

The CW is also touting both The Flash and Riverdale kicking off with “five-episode events.”

The Flash‘s five-episode event will feature crossovers with Arrowverse characters.

“We’re talking about other superheroes from the CWverse that will come together in each [of the] individual episodes,” CW CEO Mark Pedowitz said of the news.

“That will not quite be a crossover but it will have a crossover-type feel at the introduction of all these characters.” Meanwhile, Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are leaving Sundays behind and relocating to Wednesdays.

The network is giving Sundays an overhaul with game shows. It will be fun to see how that works out for them.

Nancy Drew will move from Wednesdays to Fridays in the fall. The series has struggled in linear ratings, and is surviving based on streaming figures, so this move makes sense.

On Mondays, All American Season 4 will remain in its current slot, leading into the reboot of The 4400.

The 4400 is the sole new scripted offering in the fall.

Walker and Legacies will remain on Legacies, which is a bit of a bizarre move.

Legacies is not holding up well in some of the older demos out of Walker, so The 4400 would have probably been better in that slot.

Saturday will consist of Whose Line Is It Anyway, which marks the first time CW is operating on the night.

The aforementioned Sunday asked will consist of the reboot of Legends of the Hidden Temple and an American redo of Killer Camp.

ALL AMERICAN: HOMECOMING, Charmed Season 4, DC’s Stargirl Season 3, Dynasty Season 5, In the Dark Season 4, Kung Fu Season 2, NAOMI, Roswell, New Mexico Season 4, and Superman & Lois Season 2 are all being held back for midseason.

The network previously bid adieu to Black Lightning, Supergirl, Supernatural, and Trickster.

Bulletproof was canceled by UK broadcaster Sky TV after sexual assault allegations leveled against series star Noel Clarke came to light.

The CW announced earlier this week pickups for Naomi and All American Homecoming while nixing the Painkiller Black Lightning spinoff.

The network also put the Powerpuff Girls live-action update back to redevelopment, saying that it was a creative decision.

“Sometimes things miss, and this was just a miss,” CW Chairman & CEO Mark Pedowitz told explained to TV Line on Tuesday.

“We believe in the cast completely, we believe in Diablo [Cody] and Heather [Regnier], the writers, and we believe in the auspices of [executive producer] Greg Berlanti and Warner [Bros.] Studios. In this case, the pilot didn’t work."

But because we see enough elements in there, we’re going to give it another shot. We didn’t want to go forward with what we had.” Your thoughts on the schedule?

Hit the comments below.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Was Jackson's Big Farewell Underwhelming?!

We said goodbye to TWO of Grey's Anatomy's finest, and we do mean finest!

Jackson and Tom both left Grey Sloan Memorial by the end of Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 15. And the hour also saw Meredith returning home and reuniting with her family after her battle with COVID.

Join Meaghan Frey, Jasmin Pettie, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table 660px

After 12 years, was Jackson's farewell acceptable? What would you grade his exit and how they honored him?

Meaghan: I'm giving it a C- and that is being pretty generous given my thoughts on it.

I fully understand that the previous episode was 100% dedicated to him, but that doesn't make it OK to completely gloss over his goodbye in the episode that they touted as his goodbye episode.

Jackson Avery has been around for most of this series, and he deserved more than he got. Honestly, it felt like DeLuca got more of a goodbye than Jackson did.

Grey's has never been great about doing goodbyes, in my opinion, but I think given that this season has been so heavy and we have so few old cast members left, I really wanted them to get this one right.

Jasmin: I'd give it an A. I think his farewell was well done!

I loved his conversation with Meredith and how he was the one to sneak her out. I loved Meredith's voiceover for this episode and how it followed Jackson's actions and the flashback montage to music. I thought it was fitting.

I would have liked him to have said goodbye to Ben because they were the Plastics Posse until he left to become a firefighter but apart from that, I was happy with it.

I agree with Meaghan that they seem to be focusing on DeLuca, his death, and his absence more than they should. I get that the writers and people behind the scenes liked the actor who played him.

But the character himself was pretty widely detested by the other characters for seasons 15 and 16, so having them talk about him like he was such a great guy that everyone was super close to and that they all miss feels hollow to me and annoying.

Jasmine: Yeah, I'm echoing Meaghan here. C- is generous. Despite the previous hour's devotion to Jackson, they claimed THIS was his goodbye episode, but it didn't feel that way at all. I would've rather they kept it at Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 14, and outside of Jackson confronting his father, that hour did NOTHING for me either.

It was such an underwhelming goodbye for a character that lasted over a decade. I expected more, and it does feel as if the series devoted more time to remembering and saying goodbye to DeLuca, even here. And also, there was a lot of time on Meredith going home, too, so it undercut the goodbye.

I agree with Jasmin's point about how odd it is that some of the characters act as if they were besties with DeLuca, but I still don't get the DeLuca animosity comment. When did everyone detest him for two seasons?

What was your favorite Jackson goodbye? What was your least favorite? Were there any you felt we missed?

Meaghan: My favorite had to be Meredith. It was the only one that was actually emotional.

I always felt like the two had great chemistry when Jackson first was introduced. But they never really did much with the characters' friendship throughout the years, so I was actually surprised that I got a little teary-eyed during their goodbye.

I did hate that they turned their goodbye into a Meredith compliment session -- which was my complaint the entire episode. Meredith going home was a huge deal, and it shouldn't have been in Jackson's final episode.

I almost wish they had not made last week a bottleneck episode and cut out the scenes with Jackson and his dad and put Mer getting discharged in instead. Then they could have done a real goodbye to Jackson this week.

My least favorite had to be Bailey. It was so brief and just felt like a box for Jackson to check off. I was incredibly disappointed they didn't have a Maggie and Jackson goodbye scene. Out of all the characters on the show, he had the most history with her, and they deserved that.

Jasmin: My favorite goodbye was Meredith too. I, too, got emotional.

I loved that Meredith tried to lighten the mood by joking about how she won because she's the last one standing. That scene when she hugged the pillow after Jackson left because she misses him and everyone else really got me.

I also really liked the conversation he had with Bailey and Richard. I'm glad he said a proper goodbye to Jo, although I didn't find it super emotional.

I agree that the episode could have been improved by splitting Meredith's discharge and Jackson's goodbye into two different episodes.

In addition to Ben, I would also like to have seen a goodbye with Maggie. I'm surprised they didn't do that. Maggie was so focused on Meredith's recovery that it's not clear if she even knows that Jackson is moving to Boston.

Jasmine: I mean, I have to pick Mer by default since it's the only real goodbye they spent time on or whatever.

I always felt the two Legacy Kids had an underrated relationship/friendship, so I liked that they shared time and hated that it reminded me of how little they did with that dynamic over the years.

But that it turned into a Mer ass-kissing hours made me roll my eyes, and that was also my issue with having Mer's return home and Jackson's departure in the same episode. Mer usurped his goodbye, and it pissed me off.

And honestly, they only did the Jo goodbye so she could make that Alex joke. But I was incredibly disappointed by how brief his goodbye was to Bailey and Richard. I loathed that they completely ignored both his friendship with Ben and his entire relationship with Maggie. It was such a disservice!

Were you surprised that Tom left too? What do you think of his exit?

Meaghan: I was shocked. I didn't see that coming at all, and I'm not happy about it.

I actually wasn't even sure that he was leaving at first because it was so rushed. It wasn't until I Googled and saw the articles about his exit that it sank in.

While it was a lovely sentiment that surviving COVID changed him, it felt like it came out of the left field.

Tom recovered a while ago, and we haven't seen any of this play out on screen.

With Jackson, his entire series arc has been building up to this point, whereas Tom truly feels like he is deciding to leave his whole life behind on a whim.

Tom brought a lot to the show but never reached his full potential thanks to being bogged down by the love triangle nonsense. Regardless, I will truly miss him and his cynical charm.

Jasmin: I was, and I wasn't. I love Tom and will truly miss his character, but ever since the affair came out and he and Teddy split, and she started working on repairing her relationship with Owen, Tom hasn't had a lot to do.

I'm sad they didn't do more with him because he's such a great and complex character, and I know some people had speculated they might pair him up with Mama Ortiz, which could have been interesting. I'm sad we didn't get to see him say goodbye to Amelia, Link, Teddy, or Meredith.

Tom and Amelia are old friends, he and Link seem to be getting along, and he was ready to be a father to Teddy's baby before she got back together with Owen. Tom and Meredith had such an emotional scene earlier this season, and he's been praying for her every day. I was expecting a follow-up scene there, so I hope we get one.

Jasmine: I was and wasn't. For one, they spoiled it ten minutes into the episode, so I saw the articles. But outside of that, they didn't know what else to do with him.

They did saddle him with that stupid love triangle, screwed Tom over, and they've been wasting Germann ever since, so as much as I hate to see him go, I get why he left.

Tom's departure did feel out of nowhere, though. Follow-up? On this season? Ha!

Some of the time they devoted to Mer, they could've spent building this up with Tom. He survived COVID, but we barely saw his recovery or any of his dynamics with his roommates.

They alluded to his Survivor's Guilt, and then he disappeared for multiple episodes. He randomly returned to work, and he mostly disappeared again.

And he deserved a chance to say goodbye to people, too. I know the series forgot, but he and Amelia were close -- she's his mentee-- and he and Teddy were close. Hell, a scene with him and Owen putting everything behind them for good, or any follow-up with Mer.

Meredith finally left the hospital and returned home. React!

Meaghan: Finally, we can put this storyline behind us!

It was great to see Mer reunited with the kids and see the sense of relief on Amelia's face when she walked in that door. Amelia has held their family together while Mer has been sick, and this must feel like a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders.

I'm disappointed that Mer didn't go through the clap out. I understand that she thought it was over the top, especially when so many others have lost their lives, but come on. Does she not realize how many people worked tirelessly to make sure she survived?

This was a huge win for them. They needed that moment even if she didn't.

Jasmin: I am so happy that Meredith is doing better for real this time and got discharged! I've been waiting for this since the mid-season point.

I, too, loved the scene where she reunited with her kids, and Amelia was panicking about the state of the house, and Meredith told her it was fine, and that was just how she liked it.

Meredith getting Jackson to sneak her out of the hospital felt very in character to me. As her voiceover says, Meredith isn't one for tradition or big hullabaloos, which is why I think the others tried to keep it a secret. I'm not surprised that she ducked out early.

While I get what Meaghan is saying, I feel like the other characters should know by now that's not her style.

Jasmine: Yay. It was long overdue. It was cute to see her with the kids and Amelia.

Yeah, Mer doesn't get a pass from me either on skipping the clap-out. I think it's tacky that she bailed, and we're supposed to think it's endearing because it's Meredith Grey being herself. Nah.

Jackson specifically told her why the clap-outs were important, arguably more important to the medical staff than for the patient. People spent g*ddamn months fighting to save her and keep her alive.

People have lost their lives. People are burned out. People have had full-blown mental breakdowns. People have taken care of her entire brood of children.

Literally, all she had to do was sit in a wheelchair and wave for two minutes, and she couldn't even do that but proclaimed that she didn't know how to thank everybody and they should be clapped for -- something she could've done herself if she bothered to make a speech or something.

It was tacky, self-absorbed, and annoying AF. Hayes' being a good sport about it was amusing, though. He's better than me.

Teddy and Owen are back together. Thoughts?

Meaghan: Next question, please.

No, but seriously, while I am happy that they both are in better places mentally than the first time around, we've been down this road before, and it was a train wreck.

I'm not opposed to a Teddy and Owen endgame. I just wish they had spent more time rebuilding their relationship as a friendship first and then let it blossom back into a romantic relationship.

I hope that if the writers are taking us down this road, that the drama is done. As long as that is the case, I'll get on board.

Jasmin: I'm with Meaghan on this one! I'm happy for them. I am happy that they are happy and that the fighting and long-drawn-out drama is over, but I don't really have any strong feelings about it.

I've never been a ride-or-die Teddy and Owen shipper, so I don't feel an emotional rush seeing them back together.

I loved Tom and Teddy together, and he treated her like gold, so I'm sorry that ended, especially since, as Meaghan said, Teddy and Owen are a train wreck.

I also think that they should have spent less time fighting and more time rebuilding their friendship before getting back together.

Jasmine: I would've liked it if they worked on rebuilding their friendship and co-parenting dynamic before falling back into bed together. It feels redundant, so I'm past the point of caring too strongly about it either way.

However, hopefully, this means they're in it for good, and we can get off this merry-go-round.

Is Helm moving in with Levi (and Jo?) a good idea? Do you think they've neglected her burnout storyline?

Meaghan: It isn't a bad idea? I don't know; I'm kind of indifferent towards it.

Yes, they've neglected the burnout storyline, so it feels like that came out of nowhere, but it makes sense. I'm honestly shocked we aren't seeing more of them go through similar experiences.

I think Levi probably should have run it by Jo since it is her apartment, but Helm clearly needs some TLC, so it will be good for her to be less alone.

I loved your comparison to Mer, Izzie, and George in your review, Jasmine!

I would be totally fine with them playing up that angle. I feel like the way they were able to survive most days was by having that support to come home to, so I definitely think it could help Helm, Jo, and Levi.

Jasmin: I think so. I think it will give Helm the support she needs, and I'm glad Levi is there for her.

We haven't seen Jo and Helm interact much, so I'm interested to see how Jo is going to feel about her moving in.

Also, where is Helm going to sleep? Jo and Levi live in a one-room loft where Jo sleeps in a large bed, and Levi sleeps on the couch.

I would have liked to have seen more scenes along the way building up to this as Levi and Helm haven't had a scene all season, and now, right at the end, you see him trying to help her.

I hadn't thought of the Mer, Izzie, and George angle! That could be interesting.

Jasmine: The tiny apartment angle is a head-scratcher. I've been trying to figure out the logistics of that for a minute. Did Jackson leave Jo his penthouse apartment when he left?

In what has been an ongoing pattern all-season, they introduced us to Helm's unraveling, and then they didn't follow through with it, so now that it's back onscreen, it's jarring. I would've liked it if they showed us more of the burnout.

Doctors living together was always a cute element of the series, so I can see them going for that again.

Are you happy Richard will officiate Maggie's wedding? Should Link just accept that he's House Dad and will never get out of the Sister House Coven?

Meaghan: I'm so happy that Richard will be able to be part of the wedding! When Richard got all weird about it and said he shouldn't have assumed he was invited, I was so confused. They've been playing the father-daughter role for a while now. Of course, he was going to at least be invited to the wedding.

Obviously, the problem was more that he wished he could be more involved, so this is the perfect solution.

I was so disappointed in Link's response to the situation! I mean, it is a completely logical and normal response, BUT I just don't want them to move out! The man just needs to accept his fate and get used to the fact that, at least for now, he isn't going anywhere.

Jasmin: Yes! I posited on Twitter a few days ago that I thought Maggie might ask both her dads Bill and Richard to walk her down the aisle as she'd want to include both of them in the ceremony.

I think having Bill walk her down the aisle and Richard officiate is lovely. It reminds me of when Bailey stepped up to officiate Callie and Arizona's wedding.

I get why Link wants to get out of the Sister House, but I agree that he was a bit unrealistic about the situation. I foresee them going with a hybrid approach next season where Maggie and Winston moved to his place and Link, Amelia, and Scout move to Link's, but they still spend time at Meredith's house frequently.

I imagine after being away from her kids for so long, at some point, Meredith is going to want her house back and to spend time alone with them.

Jasmine: It was weird that they played up the drama of Richard fretting over if he'd be invited or not. He had no reason to suspect he wouldn't be, so it was clunky. However, Richard's officiating is precious.

Poor Link never had a moment to enjoy first-time fatherhood because he got thrown into the deep end with a soccer team's worth of kids and a revolving door of sisters and brother-sisters. But Nah, he's not getting out of that house anytime soon, and outside of that year that she ran away, Mer hasn't lived alone in damn near decades.

What was your favorite moment from the hour?

Meaghan: Jackson standing at the railing looking over the hospital, throwing it back to his first day. It is crazy to think about how far we have come from the days of the merger.

Since then, he has come so far as a character, and I've loved his journey, even if the writers haven't always known what to do with him on that journey. He will truly be missed.

Jasmin: Hands down, when Mer skipped her clap-out, Perez psyched them out, and Hayes laughed and said, "Nice one Grey, Brillant!" And then he wished everyone a good night and headed out.

If Meredith isn't there, he's out, and I love that he laughed about it like it was some big cosmic joke they were both in on. He knows her so well.

Jasmine: I liked the railing shot, too. It was a lovely callback.

Is there anything else you'd like to address?

Meaghan: If Mer was going to be able to remember her time on the beach, I wish that she could have delivered some parting words of wisdom from Mark onto Jackson.

Mark was such a huge part of Jackson's journey initially on the series, and I think it would have been nice if he could have felt like Mark had seen the great doctor he had become.

Jasmin: That would have been nice. I'm interested to see Meredith talk about her time on the beach in the upcoming episodes.

My guess is that she will have an emotional scene with Hayes because he will understand her desire to stay because of how he lost his wife.

I found the patient storyline between Tom, Levi, and Indigenous intern James Chee really moving. Grey's has never had an Indigenous patient or doctor on the show before, and I'm glad that they spotlighted so many important issues.

Jasmine: It was contrived how they got there, but I appreciated the moment when Mer said DeLuca was happy with his mother. I liked seeing some Indigenous rituals onscreen.

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics. Do you agree with us or disagree? 

Hit the comments below and respond. 

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC. 

Daytime Emmy Nominations: General Hospital Leads Soap Opera Nods

Nominations for the 48th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were unveiled Tuesday, and it's another clean sweep for ABC's General Hospital.

The hit daytime soap opera netted 17 total nominations.

Days of Our Lives managed seven nominations, while The Young and The Restless and The Bold and Beautiful netted five each.

Late Jeopardy! host, Alex Trebek, also got a posthumous nomination.

Trebek has won this particular prize seven times already.

The daytime Emmy awards are set to air Friday, June 25 on CBS, and will also be available to watch on Paramount+.


The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

Days of Our Lives (NBC)

General Hospital (ABC)

The Young and the Restless (CBS)


The Bay (Popstar TV)

Beacon Hill (

A House Divided (UMC)

Studio City (Amazon Prime)


Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R)

Genie Francis (Laura, GH)

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH)

Finola Hughes (Anna/Alex, GH)

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy, B&B)


Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH)

Steve Burton (Jason, GH)

Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, B&B)

Wally Kurth (Justin, Days)

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante, GH)


Marla Adams (Dina, Y&R)

Tamara Braun (Ava, Days)

Carolyn Hennesy (Dianee, GH)

Briana Henry (Jordan, GH)

Courtney Hope (Sally, B&B)


Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B)

Max Gail (Mike, GH)

Bryton James (Devon, Y&R)

Jeff Kober (Cyrus, GH)

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin, GH)


Tahj Bellow (TJ, GH)

Victoria Konefal (Ciara, Days)

Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith, Y&R)

Katelyn MacMullen (Willow, GH)

Sydney Mikayla (Trina, GH)


Kim Delaney (Jackie, GH)

George DelHoyo (Orpheus, Days)

Briana Lane (Brooklynn, GH)

Cady McClain (Jennifer, Days)

Victoria Platt (Amanda, Days)


The Bold and the Beautiful

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of Our Lives

General Hospital

The Young and the Restless


Family Feud


Let’s Make a Deal

The Price Is Right

Wheel of Fortune

judge judy 3


Caught in Providence

Divorce Court

Judge Judy

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court

The People’s Court


CBS Sunday Morning (CBS)

Good Morning America (ABC)

Sunday Today With Willie Geist (NBC)

Today Show (NBC)

olivia jade


The 3rd Hour of Today (NBC)

GMA3: What You Need to Know (ABC)

Red Table Talk (Facebook Watch)

Red Table Talk: The Estefans (Facebook Watch)

Tamron Hall (Syndicated)


The Drew Barrymore Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Live With Kelly and Ryan

Today Show With Hoda & Jenna


Access Hollywood

E!’s Daily Pop

Entertainment Tonight


Inside Edition


Valerie Bertinelli, Valerie’s Home Cooking

Giada De Laurentiis, Giada at Home 2.0

Edward Delling-Williams, Paris Bistro Cooking

Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro

Sophia Roe, Counter Space

Michael Symon, Symon’s Dinners Cooking Out


Wayne Brady, Let’s Make a Deal

Steve Harvey, Family Feud

Alfonso Ribeiro, Catch 21

Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune

Alex Trebek, Jeopardy!


Gloria Estefan, Emily Estefan and Lili Estefan, Red Table Talk: The Estefans

Tamron Hall, Tamron Hall

Taraji P. Henson and Tracie Jade, Peace of Mind With Taraji

Larry King, Larry King Now

Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray

Amy Robach, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and TJ Holmes, GMA3: What You Need to Know

Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Red Table Talk


Drew Barrymore, The Drew Barrymore Show

Kelly Clarkson, The Kelly Clarkson Show

Sean Evans, Hot Ones

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, Today Show With Hoda & Jenna

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, Live With Kelly and Ryan

American Idol: Arthur Gunn Sheds Light on Sudden Exit, Citing ‘Personal Morals’ and ‘Unpleasant’ Experiences

American Idol fans were thrown for a loop when Arthur Gunn exited the ABC reality series in a last-minute decision.

He was set to perform with the incomparable Sheryl Crow on the season finale, but producers had to do some quick thinking to salvage the finale.

In a move that stunned fans everywhere, the series opted to bring in Season 19 finalist Graham DeFranco as his replacement.

The move was met with ire from the show’s fans, especially given that DeFranco was only in the audience to support his friend Chayce Beckham.

Shedding light on the development, Gunn took to Instagram Monday with an explanation on the matter.

“Well, let’s just say I missed my opportunity to sing with legendary [Sheryl Crow]. What happened is not much to discuss at this point,” Gunn shared.

“I would like to make it up and invite [Crow] to perform couple of songs on the July 30th at @thecotillion,” he offered.

“It was last minute decision but I couldn’t help but say no cause of some personal morals and values due to unpleasant environmental experiences.”

“It’s not necessary to state it, it is what it is, so I felt like I had to move on, It’s not the show to blame, they were there long before nor anyone related to show. I’m grateful for [American Idol] for have given me this platform and helped me to reach out to you all,” he added in the lengthy statement.

"Sometimes things happens and it happens for a reason I guess. I feel upset about it as much as all you might have, and I’m sorry if I did let down anyone but I felt like all these confrontations didn’t need to happen at the show, so I just had to move on from there, sometimes all we can do is move on!!!”

Fans of the series will already know that Gunn was initially a fan-favorite on American Idol Season 18, coming in second place.

Hosts Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie were very much in the dark about Arthur’s no-show.

Lionel told USA Today that they "don't even know what happened," while Luke opted to give a shout out to Graham.

"He literally came to cheer," Luke said. "He was there to support Chayce, and we're pulling him out of the crowd going, 'You're gonna sing with Sheryl Crow.' And he's like, 'Hell yeah!’”

"It's a live, three-hour show. And, quite honestly, we've had a very colorful season. Curveballs galore," said Katy.

"But Graham DeFranco? I mean, killed it. Sang so well, and I was so glad he was there.”

What are your thoughts on the developments?

Hit the comments below.

The Resident Round Table: Baby Gigi, a Sexy Hookup, & a Happy Adoption!

Conrad and Nic's baby girl is here, and for the most part, it was good times on The Resident Season 4 Episode 14.

Another season wrapped up, and there's so much we need to discuss.

Join Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, and Jasmine Blu as they break down that finale!

The Resident Round Table Art

Baby Gigi is here! How do you feel about the new addition, and what Gigi-related storylines do you look forward to next season?

Carissa: Georgiana Grace!! I was thrilled because I call my Georgia kitty, Georgia Girl, or GG for short. I'm so trendy!

I'm looking forward to the time when they can use a real baby, honestly. That was kind of hard to watch—damned COVID.

They're going to be such great parents that I am open to any stories with this beautiful little family.

Meaghan: OMG, yes, Carissa! The fake baby was the thing of nightmares!

I am so happy for the two of them, and I loved how much joy it brought to the entire crew.

Things can be so dark at Chastain sometimes, and them all coming together to celebrate baby Gigi was such a great moment of levity.

I loved Conrad and Nic at the end, questioning what they had done. I feel like that is exactly how I would be as a new parent. Also, the paranoia felt so spot on!

Jasmine: I'm pretty sure Baby Doll gate has someone been the topic of discussion more than anything else. LOL! COVID restrictions are a b!tch.

I want all the new parent goodness. You know Nic and Conrad will think they have it all figured out as medical professionals, but I want Gigi to be an adorable hellraiser like her dad.

I want them sleep-deprived, and I definitely Conrad wearing one of those Bjorn baby carriers with Gigi strapped to his chest, you know, for science.

Cain is potentially headed elsewhere, in love, and he saved AJ's mother ...eventually. Do you think his redemption arc is complete? Was it effective? What are your thoughts on Cain in the finale?

Carissa: He'll never be a favorite for me. He will be on both shows, but I think he'll be heading toward the other more regularly. So, I can handle him even if he's never going to achieve the kind of status the others at Chastain have as they wriggled their way into my heart.

Cain's journey was OK, but a little too easy, in my view. I did appreciate that he said he'd never act as callously as he did with the vent farm, but how does that comfort their families? No amount of redemption can change that for me.

Meaghan: Even when he is getting "redemption," I just want to slap the man.

Sure, I'm glad he came through and saved AJ's mom, but they're just going to gloss over him putting AJ through the stress of thinking he wasn't coming? He could have at least called him back on the way to the hospital.

I find it hilarious that Kit ever thought he would stay for the pay they were offering him. I can't say I blame him. If you had the possibility of making millions, would you really be willing to settle for 100k? It's not like he has ever been in it for the "right" reasons.

I'm glad he's had a come to Jesus moment and will be a better doctor, but it is too little too late for me.

Jasmine: As a Morris Chestnut fan, I got to congratulate him on the two roles and securing a couple of bags.

To echo Carissa a bit, I think as a recurring character, Cain will be easier to accept. I, too, felt his redemption arc came too easy. And yeah, that's all I got. His scenes with Billie were great.

Are you disappointed that Phillip and Bio South sold out to Big Pharma?

Carissa: I wish I were. It was inevitable. That's what pharma is all about.

It's rarely interested in the individuals. If it's not financial, it's scientific.

The whole gang fell so entirely for Rose that their urgency to see her well blinded them to that reality. Hopefully, the big pharma bad storyline will not dominate The Resident Season 5. Been there, done that.

Meaghan: Disappointed but not surprised in the least bit. Healthcare isn't just about helping people, unfortunately. It always comes down to profit over people in the end. This is a tale as old as time that we will see repeated over and over again.

Like Carissa, I'm not interested in seeing them take on big pharma next season, and it feels like that is where they are headed. This season proved, if nothing else, that they don't need to have the typical big bad like seasons in the past have relied on. The cases of the week and the characters are more than compelling enough.

Jasmine: Yeah, "disappointed but not surprised" is the perfect summation of that.

I also agree that I'd rather they not rehash a similar storyline with Big Pharma. We've done it already, and the interpersonal conflicts and deep character studies, and dynamic exploration definitely was a refreshing change from the "big bad of the season" path the show went down in previous seasons.

Bille's son showed up against her wishes. React.

Carissa: She's going to be fine; she'll embrace him when the time comes. I do not think this is an adoption gone bad storyline. The Resident isn't a horror show; it's about family and redemption. Look at Cain!

Billie and her son will find a place of understanding and embark on a new chapter in their lives.

Meaghan: Of course he did. Him just moving on was never an option. I agree that they will get to know each other and form a relationship despite Billie's reservations.

Jasmine: I'm sure they're angling for the two to form a bond or something, and it won't go down a nefarious path. If anything, he'll probably need medical help in some capacity.

However, I hate that he harassed her, and she basically has to get to know him or whatever now. Screw that. Beyond that, I can't say I care.

Do you think there was too little Conrad screentime or proper arcs this season, or did you appreciate the series balancing things out among other characters more?

Carissa: I'm OK with it. Conrad will always be front and center, and I'm eager to see how he handles family life. That said, there is never enough Matt Czuchry. The more Conrad Hawkins, the better.

Meaghan: OK, I thought it was maybe just me and the fact that I'm obsessed with Matt that left me feeling like there wasn't nearly enough Conrad this season. Glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed.

I think the show did a great job balancing out the characters this year, but it definitely could have used more Conrad. I hope he and Nic don't get relegated to purely baby storylines next season, and we get to see more of the badass Conrad Hawkins we all know and love.

Jasmine: Both. Personally, I didn't mind that there was less Conrad, not that I don't like his character or adore Matt, but they have such a strong ensemble cast, and some of the other characters needed this.

I enjoyed the balanced tone, the personal storylines, getting to see more of the people behind the doctors and such. I fell in love with newbie characters Leela, Jake, and Rose, and I loved that there was space to get to know these characters. I loved Bell and Devon's arcs, and I'm never opposed to AJ screentime.

I did miss Conrad in action more on the medical front, though.

Did Devon and Leela's kiss happen too fast? Are you happy about the leap in their relationship?

Carissa: No. They've both been working hard and bumbling through relationships. Dragging it out isn't realistic. Adults wanna get busy, and these two beautiful people connected when they least expected it. That's the perfect time to let their hair down and enjoy.

Meaghan: Absolutely not! They had the perfect natural progression in their relationship. Let's be real; they've been quietly courting each other for weeks.

When Leela started asking about his thoughts on children, I knew they were about to pull the trigger, and I was so ready for it! Devon deserves to be in a happy and HEALTHY relationship. I'm all in on this one.

Jasmine: While I do feel like we didn't have as many hints at Leela's personal thoughts on Devon throughout all of this, making it feel one-sided, I love Devon and Leela together, so who cares?!

I'm not mad at the girl for pouncing on him. Damn, I would've climbed him like a tree, too. Ahem, TMI, my bad.

I lost my beloved Minator, and I'm still impatiently waiting on my Kitbell, but at least they gave me these two beauties. I'm all aboard this ship like nobody's business.

I remember having my reservations about ANOTHER potential romance for Devon when I spoke to Manish Dayal earlier this season. I could tell from his reaction to my reservations that something was happening.

I have ZERO complaints this time, though. The pacing, the woman, the chemistry... I'm here for all of it. Consider me Leevon Trash.

On a scale of 1-10, how delighted are you with Bell's family via Jake, Gregg, and now little Sammie?

Carissa: 10. Talk about a redemption arc. And Jake fits in so well at Chastain and on The Resident. I couldn't have asked for a better story.

Meaghan: 100! Jake, Gregg, and Sammie are a perfect little family, and you add in Bell finally getting the last piece of his puzzle by being brought into that. It was amazing.

Can we talk about Kit and Bell, though?! Sammie could use a grandma, too, so can these two crazy kids pull the trigger already!!!

Jasmine: TEN, baby! I just love Grandpa Bell so much; you don't understand! He looked so happy and pure when he saw his family -- I'm obsessed.

Jake is a perfect fit, and I love this little family. They make me smile. And yes, Meaghan, we need our Kitbell action!

What was your favorite moment from the hour? What was your favorite storyline or character arc from the season?

Carissa: The easy birth and the happiness surrounding it. We needed that win. They needed that win. Thank you!

Meaghan: Yes! The moment all our favorite people came together and celebrated Gigi's birth with Conrad and Nic was everything we needed in this episode!

Sammie's adoption is a close second for me. It definitely got dusty in my living room while they were taking their adoption oath.

Jasmine: I was a sucker for Sammie's adoption. Also, Marshall and Kyle are HILARIOUS in scenes together. I practically cry because I'm laughing so hard at the two of them. They could have an entire sideshow.

What would you like to see next season?

Carissa: Just more of what The Resident does best. Less Cain. Talk about an easy ask!

Meaghan: I need them to continue going down the Leela and Devon path.

I also need them to go there with Bell and Kit. I feel like we've all been waiting patiently enough.

Oh, and can we please never see Cain again. Is that too much to ask?

Jasmine: Everything that The Resident does best works for me. I look forward to more medical cases. More group scenes. More of our faves rallying against the system and an even deeper dive into what it means for Chastain to be a public hospital.

I appreciated the personal storylines and sort of deep-dive character studies this season. I wouldn't be opposed to them keeping a bit of that element. From the personal touches with patients to get to know some of the doctors better, it was lovely.

Yes, more Leela and Devon, pulling the trigger on Kit and Bell, and just more of The Resident, period. It's not one of the best medical dramas on the air for nothing. I'm so grateful we get the next season at all, so I'll take what I can get.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Sound off below! 

The Resident will return this Fall on FOX!

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