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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 6 Review: The Hourglass

Is it just me, or does every episode of NOS4A2 Season 2 feel like it would work well as a season finale?

NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 6 was another robust hour of this AMC drama that has been firing from all cylinders of late.

If you watch NOS4A2 online, you know Maggie has been fiercely protective of Vic since the jump, and after witnessing the compulsion Jonathan forced upon the doctor, she felt she had no other choice than to go after him.

Maggie didn't have much of a family growing up, or friends for that matter, so she looks at Vic as one of her closest friends.

Throughout NOS4A2 Season 2, she's been battling the fine line between staying safe and taking risks to keep those close to her safe.

Maggie going after Jonathan wasn't all that expected, but it resulted in one of my favorite episodes to date. If anyone was going to get the goods out of Jonathan, it was going to be Maggie.

That being said, I figured there would be a significant death to really raise the stakes, so color me surprised when Maggie overpowered -- and killed -- the Hourglass man.

Linda: Back in bed.
Vic: Mom, I can't.
Linda: You've got an injured spleen. If it ruptures, you'll die.
Vic: Ma, listen to me, I have to find my son. I am the only one who can do it, so please go.
Linda: Go get Agent Delta.
Vic: No, he can't help.
Linda: Look, honey, I know you feel powerless.
Vic: I don't, OK. I can find him, Ma. I can. With my triumph, I can find anything.
Linda: You have a concussion.
Vic: No. I don't, I have a gift, and... I have a gift. Do you remember Sharon Smith?
Linda: Yeah.
Vic: I didn't just stumble on to her body when I was a kid. I used my gift to find her.
Linda: Your gift? Alright, so, what, you drew Sharon's body in the field.
Vic: No, I tore the fabric between the real world and the world of thought, and I can do it again to find Wayne.
Linda: OK, you can't tear anything or find anyone with a ruptured spleen.
Vic: Ma, I need you to listen to me.
Linda: I love you, I need you to sit right down. If you don't sit down right now, I'm gonna order a psych eval.

Where did that even come from? In hindsight, Maggie should not have embarked on the mission, but the risk here reaped a big reward.

Jonathan's compulsion tricks are worrisome, and with him seemingly out of the picture, the road to Charlie Manx and Christmasland should be somewhat easier.

Then again, there was a lack of finality to Jonathan's apparent demise. He was only introduced a few episodes ago, and the common rule of thumb on TV is that characters die whenever we deep dive into their past.

He definitely struck me as the type of character who would follow the power, but instead of that, his desire was for immortality. There are definitely similarities between him and Charlie, and if that was Jonathan's last hurrah, at least he got an excellent episode to go out with.

But this is TV, and the more likely scenario is that there will be plenty more were those hourglasses came from, and he'll pop back up to make Maggie's life a living hell.

Maggie and Tabitha need to make it out of this horror in one piece. They need to be protected at all costs because they're slowly becoming my favorite TV couple.

They both bring out the best in each other, and while I do think they should have had a bigger presence on the sophomore season, they are slowly becoming more prominent.

Vic has been desperately battling to keep it together since NOS4A2 Season 1 Episode 1, and her scenes with her mother early into "The Hourglass" were harrowing, to say the least.

One of the many wonders of Christmasland is that any child gets to be who they are. So, Wayne, who do you want to be?


Linda wasn't at the Lake House, so she didn't fully understand the extent of what happened. Being skeptical about Vic's comments was a natural response.

The look of horror on Vic's face when her mother said she would order a psychiatric evaluation said it all. What I would not have expected in the first season is her parents joining forces with her in the end to dole out revenge.

Vic is going to be hardened as we approach this next stage of the save Wayne plan, mostly because she knows she has the support of those closest to her.

Chris was stunned because of what transpired, but this reformed alcoholic is now wanting to battle side-by-side with his daughter, and there's something satisfying about that.

His character progression, even though he's on the periphery, has been great.

Lou surviving wasn't a surprise. He's the purest character on the show, and killing him off so soon would have caused uproar among the fans.

The good news is that he's well on board with the plan get Wayne back.

Wayne's journey with Charlie was deeply unsettling, but at least he had some help in the form of his deceased father.

It was another left-field development, but it helps back up my theory that Wayne is also a creative individual. It's hard to imagine what Vic will have to say, knowing that Craig helped their son, but this power could be the shape of things to come.

Charlie is desperate to turn Wayne against Vic, and he may well get to that point, what with the poor butterfly being picked apart by the youngster.

Wayne is a strong kid, but there are only so many horrors someone can endure before it breaks them. Bing arriving and knocking Charlie out was something, but would the former janitor seriously turn his back on the man he worships?

I dare say this is his way of getting one up on Charlie and that the pair will join forces again when the odds are stacked against them. Seriously, though, the sooner Bing is killed, the better.

There's no redeeming him.

"The Hourglass" successfully moved the stories along, while delving deeper into the mythology, and throwing genuine shocks our way.

What did you think of Jonathan's demise? Does Wayne have powers? Were you happy Craig staged a comeback?

Hit the comments below.

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